Attention: counterfeit seed material of the varieties Scarlett, Marnie, Sunshine, JB Flavour (2012-10-04)

Due to high demand for malting barley seed material there are more cases of counterfeiting at the moment. The official representative of the breeding company Saatzucht J. Breun the company OOO Art-Agro has informed us about violation of the Federal Law on Selection Achievements.

The information is now being checked, we will inform you of the results additionally. Currently OOO Art-Agro is the official representative of Saatzucht J. Breun in Russia. All license agreements regarding Scarlett and Marnie varieties concluded earlier are not legally valid since their validity period is over. Regarding new varieties JB Flavour and Sunshine sublicenses are issued only for base farms of OOO Art-Agro that does not give them the right to sell seeds directly.

Selling of seed material should be conducted only via the official representative of the variety originator OOO Art-Agro, thereby avoiding seed falsification. Information on malting barley varieties is available on request or at the website:

For general information: the variety Scarlett was included in the Register of Selection Achievements in 1999 and it is still the most widespread and the most in-demand variety in the Russian Federation. It is in the first flight according to the area of its cultivation, but elite seeds were imported back in 2007 and the last time in 2012 (to the base farm of OOO Art-Agro).

If the highest reproduction seed material has not been imported then what do we sow? The task of our Union is to remove counterfeit and substandard seed lots from the Russian market. Beginning from this year joint activities of the BMBU and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in regard to detection of violations of the Federal Law and preventative measures are planned. If you have become a witness or a victim of counterfeit, please inform us about it. We appeal to all concerned people, breeders, traders as well as to representatives of malting and brewing companies, only together we can bring order to the plant growing industry. We all need high-quality malting barley, but it is impossible without high-quality and regularly refreshed seed material. By sowing mass reproductions provided with forged documents, it is impossible to get high-quality goods items.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation.

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