Cooperation project of the Barley, Malt and Beer Union and the Internet portal – Russian Internet portal (2013-03-29)

Please, pay your attention to the changes in the format and content of the Barley, Malt and Beer Union’s newsletters from April 3, 2013 – on that day the Agreement on cooperation between our Union and the world’s largest Internet portal will come into force.

The Agreement provides for establishment of a new Russian-language Internet portal created by analogy with the most famous and visited specialized Internet portal recognized by the brewing community all over the world.

The new Russian Internet portal presents extensive statistical information structured by key themes of the production chain “malting barley – beer”: barley, malt, hops, beer, as well as online exchange market and the latest news. We plan to expand our Internet portal and we will be grateful for your suggestions on the content, design and future work of our portal.

E-mails will be sent twice a week and they will contain relevant information of our Union, as well as Russian and world news.

For the first time the members of our Union will get free full access to the Information portal and to full texts of the news.

Members of the Union, as well as BMBU partner companies will get free access passwords to the portal and newsletters; the companies which are not members of the Union will be able to get access to the information by filling out registration on the portal and after payment of the annual fee in accordance with the provisions of

We work together with you, we work for you, and we defend your interests.

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