EU: Latest malt output data show different capacity use in EU nations – Newsletter No. 17b (2013-04-30)

In 2012, Belgium is estimated to have produced a total of 741 thousand tonnes of malt, using 98% of its total malting capacity, an industry report said earlier this month.

The Czech Republic only used 92% of its capacity to produce 526 thousand tonnes of malt.

Official data for France are not available yet, production in 2011 was 1.435 mln tonnes (99%).

Danish industry sources report total malt output last year at 245.898 thousand tonnes (89%).

Germany’s malt output is estimated to have reached last year 1.810 mln tonnes, using 90% of the total capacity (though official data is only available until October so far).

Dutch maltsters produced 330 thousand tonnes last year. In Poland, the capacity use was 99%, output totalled 380 thousand tonnes.

The UK malt output is estimated at 1.495 mln tonnes last year (93%). Spanish Maltsters Association estimates last year’s output at 460 thousand tonnes (93%). Slovakia and Sweden produced 251 thousand tonnes (90%) and 174 thousand tonnes (87%) respectively, industry sources reported.

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