Sample purchase of beer has been made. We’re waiting for results. (2013-10-02)

Representatives of the Union made the first sample purchase of Russian, German and Belarus beer in quantity 35 pieces in the shops of Moscow and Munich. Samples were purchased in duplicate: the first – for testing at one of the leading German laboratory, the second – fiscal. A list of beer brands, packaging, price and other source information is available by reference:

It’s interesting to note that pale beer “Krinitsa” purchased by our Union became “The best beer in Europe 2013” within the contest “Beer – European Star”, organized by Private Brauereien.

It’s also notable that some beer brands were purchased in Germany and carried a price 0,3 Euro or in terms of rubles – 12 rub. for 0,5 l./glass. It should be mentioned that this beer was produced up to standards of German brewing, of 100% malt no added enzymes. The cheapest price for a bottle of Russian beer was 29,5 rub. and the most expensive brand “Guinness”- 78 rub. for 0,5 l./glass.

We’re waiting with impatience for examination results. Beer samples will be analyzed according to the following characteristics (production processes, malt content, adjuncts, sacchariferous components, organoleptic, microbiological and physicochemical characteristics, suitability of labelled beer values to the real content, using of chemical enzyme agents, carbonization, storage period, aldehydes, presence of added alcohol ab extra etc.).

We’d like to remind you that results of the public inspection system will be regularly given to media personnel, public authorities of the federal and regional political departments and also will be posted on the Website of Barley, Malt & Beer Union.

Companies producing beer in accordance with current standards of the Russian and German legislation will get “A high-quality mark of the Brewer” and the certificate of conformity.

The next sample purchase is in process: “live” beer, does it exist and is it really “live”?

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