Malko Alexander Mikhailovich


Candidate of Biological Sciences,

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Director of FSI «Rosselkhozcenter»

Ministry of Agriculture of the RF

Date of birth: October 23, 1964, Baksan

1982-1991 – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy
Specialty: Agronomical science (specialist area: breeding and seed growing)
Additional education:
2008 – State and municipal order management
2009 – Management and agricultural business
2010 – Stabilization of enterprise performance in extreme situations
2011 – Plant protection technologies
2012 – Methods and examination procedure in agricultural insurance

Work experience:
1992–1995 – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Plant-breeding station of P.I. Lisitsyn – Agronomist, Senior Staff Scientist, Deputy Director;
1995–2003 – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, laboratory of plant breeding and seed growing of field crops – Senior Staff Scientist, Laboratory Chief;
2003–2007 – Chief of the State Seed Inspection of the RF;
From 2007 – to present – Director of FSI “Rosselkhozcenter”
At the same time Alexander Mikhailovich holds following positions:
Chief of the Technical Committee «Seeds and planting material»;
Chief of the Interstate Technical Committee «Seeds and planting material of vegetable, cucurbits and feeding root crops» and «Oil seeds»;
A member of Farming and Plant Production Section in Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF;
A member of the Editorial Board of the magazines «Seed Science and Technology»,«Protection and Plant Quarantine», «Breeding and Seed Growing»;
A personal member of the International Seed Testing Association ISTA, one of nine members of the Executive Board of the Association;
Independent expert in carrying out expert examination for the purpose of confirming loss occurrence and sizing cause damage.
In the period of 2005-2010 under the supervision of Malko A.M. and according to the national standardization program in agriculture 7 Russian national standards for seeds of the key crops were developed and accepted. They replaced over 60 GOST documents functioning from the late 1950-80s. Some standards are in the planning stage.

National awards:
Alexander Mikhailovich was awarded medals, certificates of honor, diplomas.

Scientific publications:

Publications: an author and co-author of more than 200 methodological papers, monographs, manuals, specialist training programs, normative legal documents.
The basic published works are:
Management of crops – seed industry in Canada;
Management of crops – seed industry in France;
Management of crops – seed industry in Germany;
“K” conception of economic interest protection of Russian plant breeders under the market conditions;
Quality of planting potato: study guide;
Research and practice foundations of seed quality control and certification under the marker economy conditions;
Seed quality of the key crops in the RF;
Factors and conditions of seed growing development in the RF;
Collection of seed industry regulatory documentation;
Weed seeds;
Practical course for breeding and seed growing of the field crops;
Seedling evaluation methods;
Principles and structural elements of seeds certification.

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