New members of the Union “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” (2014-02-07)

We’d like to inform you that the company Joh. Barth & Sohn Industrial became a member of our Union.

Joh. Barth & Sohn is a company whose tradition dates back to the end of the 18th century in Nuremberg, the centre of the European hop trade at the time. Early on, the old Nuremberg merchant tradition took them out into the world to foster international relationships for the purposes of marketing and processing hops. Today, the company may be a global operator but they have never turned our back on their roots in Franconia and Bavaria.

It all began with a small domestic brewery in Franconia, started up by Johann Barth before he and his son Georg started out in the hop trade in 1794. The company can chart its history as a family-run business back to this point.

Today, the activities of the company have diversified and further business segments have been added at new sites. The new generation now operates on international markets and is writing its own contribution for corporate posterity. As a member of the Barth-Haas Group (, the company has access to the most extensive product range in the hop industry, and to the most modern production plants in the key hop growing regions in the world.

A global market presence and the know-how that accompanies it make the company a valuable partner for growers and brewers alike. Furthermore, their strong market position makes the company an attractive employer. As a family company which operates internationally, their approx. 80 employees are in an ideal position to develop both on a personal and professional level, and combine global thinking with local action.

Joh. Barth & Sohn is a modern family-owned enterprise which is managed by the 7th and 8th generations of the founding family. And true to the motto, “That which you inherit from your fathers, you must earn in order to possess” (Goethe), the company shareholders of every generation have each made their contribution to the company’s success.

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