All-Russia Agricultural Conference (2014-02-14)

In February 12, 2014 All-Russia Agricultural Conference under the chairmanship of the Minister of Agriculture Nikolay Fedorov took place in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Over 650 participants took part in the outstanding Forum: administrative bodies from agricultural sector, constituent entities of the RF, Heads of the subordinate authorities, scientists and teachers, representatives of financial institutions, branch associations and periodicals.

Within the conference working results of the plant growing sector for 2013 have been reviewed, implementation tasks of the activities required by the Government Program have been defined, measures for arrangement and carrying out seasonal agricultural field works in 2014 have been created and also topical issues concerning industry development have been discussed.

The Union “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” was represented with a joint stand: the Union, the company Russky Solod” and “Moscow Brewing Company”.

You can find conference reports in our Website (in russian language):

–  A shorthand report of the Minister’s speech;
–  All-Russia Agricultural Conference Program;
–  A report of the Head of the Plant Growing Department P.A. Chekmarev;
–  E.V. Zhuravleva: Prospects for the Development of the Scientific Service for the Plant Growing Sector;
–  A.D. Kleshchenko, All-Russia Scientific – Research Institute of the agricultural meteorology – RosGidroMet: Winter Crops Condition;
–  P.Burak: Technical Support for Carrying out Seasonal Field Works in 2014;
–  D.P. Putyatin: Amelioration as one of the Components for Providing a Stable Crop Production;
–  N.I. Zudina: the Role of OJSC “Rosagrolizing” in the Development of the Plant Growing Sector;
–  K.N. Kulik: the Development of the Safeguarding Foresting in the RF;
–  V.A. Pavlyushin: Priority Guidelines in the Development of the Plant Protection;
–  A.B. Bodin: Working Results of the Sugar Industry in 2013 and Prospects for 2014;
–  N.P. Drankovich: Regional Policy for Providing Population of the Omsk Region with Vegetables and Potatoes of the Native Origin;
–  A.A. Zavalin: Agro-technologies – the base of success;
–  A.G Skryagin: Improvement of the Effectiveness of the Agro- Insurance in the Plant Growing Sector;
N.T. Sorokin: Recommendations for Agro-Chemical Mechanization of the Agricultural Producers.

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