Expert jury of the competition «ROSGLAVPIVO» – welcome to participation! (2016-10-17)

Dear Colleagues,

Organizers of the Russian brewing competition – «ROSGLAVPIVO» – The Best Russian Beer»: Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union together with German Independent Brewers’ Union (Private Brauerein Deutschland e.V.) continue to work on forming of the panel of judges of the competition.

By a joint decision of the Presidents: Roland Demleitner and Alexander Mordovin, experts from the Russian Federation, the Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan as well as judges of the competition European Beer Star from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria –  the best famous world experts: professional beer sommelier, representatives of the brewing industry, well-educated and highly-experienced persons in estimation of quality characteristics of brewing products, public representatives – industry-based mass media (bloggers, editors etc.)will be invited to the International competition «ROSGLAVPIVO» in order to give an independent estimate to beers provided for the competition.

Public brewing organizations, companies of the industry and mass media have a right to apply for inclusion of their representatives to the panel of judges.

Final selection of experts from the Russian Federation, Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan will be made according to procedure developed by Private Brauerein Deutschland, based on the tasting experience, education and/or long-term experience in the brewing sub-complex, international reputation among colleagues.

All candidates for jury shall send a written application for participation, pointing out contacts and attaching a brief biography and a photo to the address of organizers of the competition

A preliminary program of the Expert jury of the competition:

 January 15, 2017

from 14:00

Arrival, hotel check-in

19:00 – 23:00

Welcome supper in the hotel

January 16, 2017

9:00 – 14:00

Tasting of beers of the competition «ROSGLAVPIVO »

14:00 – 15:00

Dinner in the hotel

15:00 – 20:00

Sightseeing tour «Night Moscow», visiting of Red Square and the center of the city

20:00 – 23:00

Evening banquet in one of Moscow restaurants

 January 17, 2017

till 12:00



It bears noting that expert tasting will take place from 15th of January to 17th of January 2017 in one of the hotels of Moscow. Foreign jury members are provided with food, lodging and necessary transfers at organizers’ expense. All information about the expert jury and their biographies will be placed on the section “Expert jury” at

It bears noting that sponsors of the competition are the following well-known companies:


We’d like to offer companies to be sponsors of the competition (all conditions are individual) and all interested companies are welcome to participate in the competition!

Any interested company or person can take part in the evening banquet for Expert jury that will take place in January 16, 2017 in one of Moscow beer restaurants. It is necessary to send a written application for participation in the banquet and pay a registration fee – 10.000 rub. to

Winners of the competition will get medals and certificates «ROSGLAVPIVO» from organizers and prizes from sponsors.





  1. Yolla says:

    Такой возможности пообщаться с иностранцами – экспертами пивоваренной отрасли пока не было.

    А в особенности мне лично интересно их экспертная оценка нашего пива. Знаю, что есть в России достойные пивовары, нужно чтобы о них знала вся страна и вся Европа. И моё предложение организаторам – нужно выбрать также как представителей Экспертного жюри Росглавпиво, так и потом представителя/представителей России для Экспертного жюри конкурса Пиво – звезда Европы, а то мы там как-то и не представлены вовсе. Мы же не Африка, вроде Европа.

  2. Pro-Pivo says:

    Если и не в состав жюри, то пообщаться тоже бы было интересно с народом из Европы.
    Можно меня зарегистрировать на банкет?

  3. Иваньков Евгений says:

    В EuropeanBeerSrar участвуют несколько тысяч образцов пива, а можно организаторам поделиться методикой оценки и как это вообще выглядит, когда столько образцов, чтобы не запутаться в категориях и прочее. Или это закрытая информация?