The Deputy Minister of Agriculture E.V. Gromyko led the Expert Jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO” (2016-12-08)

We’d like to inform you that the Deputy Minister of Agriculture E.V. Gromyko led the Expert Jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO”.

“ROSGLAVPIVO” – the Best Russian Beer , a co-project of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union and Private Brauereien Deutschland, an organizer of the world famous competition European Beer Star.

Tasting is carried out by the Expert Jury, representatives from the RF, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Czechia, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Austria and members of Munich and Berlin Technical Universities, highly experienced experts all over the world. Evaluation criterion is not a technical laboratory analysis but organoleptic indicators, in other words, sense and taste are prioritized.

Members of the Expert Jury:  

Akhpashev Evgeny


Batashov Boris      


Baum Alexander


Pavel Borowiec

Czech Rep.

Brouwer Jos


Ganzenmüller Sandra


Danilovtseva Alla


Demleitner Roland


Giaccone Luca


Drexler Georg        


Zelenkov Anna


Köneke Otto


Korostelev Alexey


Kraus Sergey


Michel Maximilian


Olkowski Andrzey


Popovich Leonid        


Pauli Kay-Tassilo


Raupach Markus            


Hanghofer Hubert


Zimmermann Irina


Schieder Harald


The purpose of the competition is defining of the best beer, made in the RF, taking into account organoleptic characteristics. Organizers have planned bright international effect , so highly experienced expert jury – representatives of scientific institutions, mass media , bloggers, consisting of 35 experts (20 of 35 are foreigners) have been invited to the competition.

It bears noting that most of interviews of the foreign experts contain the common message – to tell native citizens about Russian beer.  

It is worth noting that in some countries beer is a top ten of the key export products, for example a leader of beer export is Mexico, exporting beer to the amount of more than 2 billion dollars. As a phrase goes, there’s still something to strive for! 

  1. Germany — 1,42 billion dollars

Germany exports so much beer that a question arises –have they got much for domestic consumption? Mostly, export is directed to the neighboring European countries, also to China and the USA. The most popular brands are Oettinger, Krombacher and Bitburger.

  1. Netherlands— 2,1 billion dollars

The Netherlands Heineken — the third largest brewing company in the world. Almost two-thirds of Holland export is sent to the USA. The most popular brands are Heineken, Grolsch and Bavaria.

  1. Mexico — 2,4 billion dollars

Unexpected leader of the list is Mexico, supplying beer to the USA to 2 billion dollars per year. Also it exports to Canada and Australia. The most popular brands are Corona, Dos Equis and Tecate.

We think that the Russian brewing industry like wine production has all chances to be in demand at the global markets and even today we are observing growth of beer export volumes, including not only near abroad countries but PRC, the USA, Germany and Belgium. It bears noting that Russian beer bars and restaurants are opened in these countries, so Russian beer is considered to be a high quality product made of the Russian raw materials.  

Besides the marketing effect of the competition – beer sales abroad, the advertising of Russian beer will alsohelp in increasing of Russian malting barley and brewers’ malt sales abroad that even today can take up a position of one of the key agricultural product of the RF distributed abroad. (an estimate for 2016 = 200.000 t. х 350 Euro = 70 mln.dollars).

All brewing companies are welcome for participation in “ROSGLAVPIVO”!!!

Winners will be awarded a certificate “ROSGLAVPIVO – the Best Russian Beer” and a crystal cup  




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