The State Duma: licensing of beer production in July 1, 2014 (2013-12-25)

According to the reliable sources of the Union “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” deputies from CPRF party introduced the draft amendment to the Federal Law “Concerning Alcohol Product Circulation” that obliges brewing companies to license beer production. As it has been known from the author of the draft bill Tamara Pletneva at the present moment only a section about regulating beer market was introduced into the bill. The introduction of the Unified State Automated Information System for beer will be postponed till spring.

You can find the draft bill here (ru).

As she informed the initial document contained simultaneous introduction of beer production licensing and USAIS – in other words the full monitoring of produced, dispatched and coming in retail beer products. But the present version of the document touches only companies with capacity increasing 300 thousand dal per year. So, mini-breweries will not be involved. Tamara Pletneva confirmed that the next step will be establishing of USAIS.

Pletneva’s initiatives have already caused unfavorable comments of beer producers. They believe that licensing is an extra measure because there are no counterfeit products in the market and 50% of all excise taxes are tax returns from the brewers.

–   It is equal to me how do beer producers estimate it? I think that all alcohol production must be licensed,- Pletneva said.

She noted that absence of the illegal market is temporary. Taking into account a rate increase of excise marks for 1 l. of beer from 18 rubles in 2014 to 21 rubles in 2016, soon producers evading taxes will appear. This question is planning to be discussed in the nearest meeting of the Expert Council of the Union.

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