The Federation Council Decision: Licensing procedure for beer and beverage production and circulation. (2014-04-16)

An extended meeting of the Committee of the Federation Council for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management has been held in April 15, 2014.

The following question has been discussed in the meeting:

About the Federal Draft Law No 463846-6 «Concerning Amendments of the Federal Law “On the State Regulation of the Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol, Alcoholic and Alcohol-Containing Products and limits for alcohol consumption”» supported by 9 deputies of the State Duma Pletneva T.V., Andreev A.A., Alimova O.N. etc., examined by the Board of the State Duma in March 31, 2014.

According to the bill the licensing of beer and beverage production and circulation will be introduced in July 1, 2014. Background information:

We’d like to inform you that the members of the Committee of the Federation Council supported the position of our Union detailed by the President Mordovin A., a presidium member of the Expert Advisory Board under the Federation Council Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy:

– to lift the lower limit of licensing and exempt Russian independent brewing companies with annual output up to 300.000 dL. from licensing procedure.

– to study possibility for extension of the effective date of the bill from 01.07.2014 till 01.07.2015 г. for brewing companies;

According to the Russian legislation, before presidential approval, all bills undergo first reading procedure (so called prime reading) and the final approval (after the procedure of “three readings” by the State Duma) in the special-purpose Committees of the Federation Council, having the right of veto for any approved bill.

You can find the final decision of the Committee by reference.

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