The II Field Day of Malting and Brewing Industry in Russia (2011-11-28)

The II Field Day of Malting and Brewing Industry in Russia is held in late July 2012 in the Ryazan region on the property of LLC Ineko, winner of the contest “Best Malting Barley Producer in Russia in 2011”. Exact date is to be announced.

If you would like to get a CD of the First Field Day, don’t hesitate to contact the press office of our Union.

We plan to hold the Field Day with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy of the Russian Federation Council, as well as the Administration of Ryazan region. The Union of Russian Brewers is our General Partner. The General Sponsor is Insurance House “VSK”.

Participants: representatives of research institutions, malting barley breeders, seed farms, agricultural producers, representatives of agriprojects, traders, manufacturers of fertilizers, plant protection products, and farm machinery, malting and brewing companies.

Scientific part of the event:

Demonstration plots with new varieties of malting barley (those included in the State Register and being under the variety testing) and standard varieties.

Bookmark of plots takes place in the presence of varieties breeders. During the whole process we use only professional small plot agricultural machinery; seeds are presented under a special code. The best varieties, by consent of right holders, can be identified by name. The seeding is carried out three times, with and without NWR treatment. Upon completion of the harvesting, the results are introduced to the varieties right holders.

Best variety of the testing (among those being tested) gets a recommendation of the Barley and Malt Union for inclusion in the Register of varieties admitted to the use on the territory of the third region of the Russian Federation.

The best variety (among those included in the Register) gets a recommendation for industrial use. A special joint committee will be formed to recommend the varieties – winners.  The committee is supposed to consist of the representatives of Barley and Malt Union (Board) and the Union of Russian Brewers (Procurement Directors and Technical Directors of breweries).

Industrial part of the event:

on the territory of LLC Ineko will be established several industrial (up to 10 ha) demonstration sites with the varieties included in the Register in 2009-2012 in order to promote new varieties among agricultural producers and representatives of the malting and brewing business.

We invite representatives of breeding business to undertake research and industrial variety testing to develop a unified system of testing and to provide seed material for these purposes. We are also happy to invite suppliers and manufacturers of fertilizers, plant protection products and farm machinery to these activities.

The event will consist of several stages:

1. Assembly hall, greeting.

Are invited to participate: Gennady Gorbunov (Federation Council), Mr. A. Soloviev (Deputy Agriculture Minister), Mr. P. Chekmarev (Director of the Department of Plant, Chemicals and Crop Protection), Mr. O. Kovalev (Governor of the Ryazan region)

2. Lunch

3. Visit of the demonstration and industrial variety testing of malting barley

4. Demonstration of agricultural machinery

5. Dinner

A visit of the Field Day as a participant is free for representatives of the companies – members of Barley and Malt Union and the Union of Russian Brewers.

Any interested company can become a sponsor of the Field Day. Format of sponsorship and participation, including conducting of variety trials, is discussed individually.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Field Day!

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