Beauty and harmony contest “Miss Agro”, December 4, Moscow (2014-10-28)

Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union is a sponsor of the beauty and harmony contest “Miss Agro” a significant cultural event showing beauty as harmony of sweetness and light.

Participants of the contest will demonstrate the richness of region traditions, creativity and beauty. All women, working in agricultural and agro-industrial sphere are welcome.

Winners of the contest will get valuable prizes including the present of our Union – Certificate for free participation in Oktoberfest 2015 and a honorary right to represent our Union in the largest exhibition Brau Beviale 2015.

“Miss Agro” Regulation

The following persons will take part in the contest as a panel of judges:  

  • Vladimir Plotnikov, the member of the Committee of the Federation Council for Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management
  • Nikolay Dolgushin, The Chairman of the Board of the Association of Soap and Fat-and-oil Producers
  • Usmanova Talyia, prof. of the Financial University affiliated to the Government of the RF
  • Dmitry Toropov, the Director of the Department for Agricultural Development and Social Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Mikhail Shtyrlin, The CEO of “The Legend of the Crimea”
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov, The Chairman of the Council of the Central Union of the RF
  • Aleksander Turikov, the Head of the Center for Social and Conservative Policy in the Central Federal District
  • Mikhail Orlov, the Director of the Department for Regulation of Agricultural and Food Market, Food and Processing Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Andrey Plyshevsky, the Vice President of the Russian Labor Union Organizations, the Chairman of the Interregional Union of Community Nutrition Workers, the Deputy Chairman of All Russian Union of Domestic Agricultural Producers and Processors “Rosselprof”

Konstantin Babkin, the President of the Russian Association of Agricultural Equipment Producers Rosagromash”, the President of the Industrial Union “Novoye Sodruzhestvo”  


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