His Majesty – God: a foreign investor Carlsberg (2015-02-10)

After a period of perestroika and USSR collapse, a new God, a foreign investor appeared on the stage. Such a white mister, in a bowler hat with a walking stick. He arrived in a private plane, perfumed with freely convertible currency and displayed business models tested in other countries and needed in adapting to Russian conditions.

Money color and dollar value distinguished him from the Russian investor: if he decided to invest in Russian projects, the country with high political risks, so he had reliable diversified business abroad.

Fortune favours the brave, possible profit is great because return on business ratio at these markets is high. And what about risks – it can be hedged. How? By tampering of all level public officials. So the level of aborigines’ pretensions is not high and corrupt practices in Russia are very popular. Everyone can make rules as he sees fit and change it every day.

And all hell broke loose. Daring liberal horse cavalry led by Chubays with privatization flags, destroyed the rest of economical system, including state standards, horizontal links, planning and social policy. From the first leader Gorbachev to last Eltsin, all Soviet was rooted out mercilessly and foreign business patterns were created everywhere led by foreign owners. As a result a cult of a foreign investor has been formed: we’ll give you light, money etc.  

A fine unaffected lad, no pride or buckram, believed a foreign investor for a time: clear offices, imported assembly lines, benefits package and the main – official salary with an earnings record… plus management team is smiling and saying “Ok”!

We were told, a private owner was successful but he was a rascal and so performant that we couldn’t imagine it in our dreams.  

Gaining a foothold and throwing off reserve, a foreign investor began pressing his Russian competitors and closing so called “production chains”. Our government also supported foreign investors.

A situation with “production chains” is more serious. It is not an industrial primitive like “ore mineral – dressing – distribution – reactor vessel”. They back to a person: from diapers for a newborn, to a newspaper with a necrology about dead.

But we are not even the Papuans – broiler chicken for them, we are a drop point of evolution.

So, what is the result? Their declared salaries tied a credit halter on our necks plus promised programs for children education, bonuses for employment years, long-term credits…

Foreign companies killed almost all our domestic productions. Some sections (for example – high-tech industry) are destroyed because a dominating key is a technological superiority. Their care about our environment is showing off, they are not interested in our health but our diseases where they can make money. They pay taxes but underlying profit is moved abroad.

We observe a successfully operating system including producers, politicians, diplomats, spies… But it is not a special operation against Russia, it is like an attack of grasshoppers to the crop. A grasshopper doesn’t have a plan; it eats all that falls in its way. For quarter-century, after perestroika, a grasshopper enjoyed greatly at the territory of the former USSR (except Belarus Republic). Ukraine was sold and resold many times, Balts don’t have anything except invasion museum).    

Russia was also close to complete surrender, but a chekist Putin got into power and foreign investors slew down. And at one time we realized that Russia could loose independence and in some sectors we managed to control the situation (oil, gas, planes, military). But the rest sectors, beyond the close attention of the Head, were ruined (for example, brewing industry).

80% of beer production that we made and used all through the ages, now belongs to foreigners. Holland, Belgium, Denmark… They produce powder rubbish with a year validity period. It is bottled into plastic containers that evolving toxicant agents (dibutylphthalate) by contacting with spirit.

Our public authorities had better to support our domestic producers because corrupt practice with foreign participation closely echoes high treason and it shall be punished. And even despite sanctions aimed to destroy our economy, we observe a cult of a foreign investor. Did nobody among you notice anything? They don’t care for our economy, they play their game. Russians got used to hang upon their lip, with inferiority complex. Bu there is no any inferiority complex, it is a myth.

May be it’s not right to turn out all foreigners. But we shall manage priorities correctly. We shall defend interests of our country and producers. A foreign investor is strong without our participation, with a high safety and technology degree, large transnational and diplomatic supporters.

And a couple of our zealous panders of the foreign capital shall be punished, so as others think hard over their further steps.

First publication – a blog of A.Trushkov

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