Results of VI Siberian Grain Forum and V Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” (2015-07-29)

VI Siberian Grain Forum and V Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” have been held during the exhibition “Agro Omsk-2015”. The Director of the Plant Production, Chemization and Protection Department Petr Chekmarev took part in the event.

This year the Field Day in the Omsk region was made at a high international level, in two territories. The first part – in CJSC “Znamya”, Maryanovsk district, together with Siberian Grain Forum. The participants were representatives of Omsk districts, key grain traders and a delegation from P.R.C. And the second event was held in the fields of the Siberian Research Agricultural Institute with participation of Russian agricultural producers and a delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The following participants took part in the Grain Forum: The Director of the Plant Production, Chemization and Protection Department Petr Chekmarev, the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Omsk region Vyacheslav Sinugin, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk region Vitaly Erlikh, the President of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union Alexander Mordovin, Top Managers and representatives of production, trade and scientific organizations, business partners from China.

The aim of the Forum was to estimate the development of the grain market and find new ways. In particular, implementation of Beijing Program.

– We intensify our efforts in this direction: carry out malting barley tests. At present, there are 70 farms in 21 regions of the Omsk Region, cultivating this variety. We foreshorten cooperation with Chinese partners. If we reach common ground, the region will be able to send first trial batch of malting barley, Vyacheslav Sinugin told.


Petr Chekmarev directed attention of participants to opportunities for renewal of hop production in Russia.

– Russia has a world lead in barley production and we have all possibilities for export. The hop situation is more problematic. Today, Russian brewing plants are getting hop abroad and it is impossible to renew hop production without brewers. I think brewers shall work closely with agricultural producers, told Petr Chekmarev.

Petr Chekmarev also mentioned about grain crop harvesting in Russia. By his opinion, near 30 mln.t have already been harvested and it is planning to thresh 100 million tons.

The Head of the Omsk Ministry of Agriculture and Food Vitaly Erlikh informed about summer conditions in the Omsk region and reminded participants of the Government support of plant production. He gave accent to growth dynamics of grain and pulse crops.

– Agricultural complex in our region is developing dynamically. Production volumes – 3,5 million tons are an average figure for us. The basic crop in our fields is wheat and thanks to new capacities we are ramping up oil plants. The region has all opportunities for grain export, so crop acreage is expanding year by year, noted Vitaly Erlikh.

Participants of the Forum have also discussed scientific aspects – selection and seed production of all varieties.


The second part of the event took place in the fields of CJSC “Znamya” (the Director Pavel Vasilik), where participants of the Forum could see different varieties, all equipment for soil cultivation, sowing and harvesting for themselves.

Special attention was paid to «Beijing Program» implementation. The Omsk region actively works towards this direction and there are first results. Trials of spring barley (including varieties of Omsk selection) for beer production have been already carried out in Omsk fields.


According to the test results, the most suitable varieties for China and a special cultivation technology have been chosen. Over 70 agricultural producers in 21 municipal regions grow malting barley. Malting barley acreage is 145 thousand ha, it is planning to get over 200 thousand tons.

The first pilot batch of malting barley from the Omsk region will be delivered to P.R.C. this year.


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