ROSGLAVPIVO = Best Russian Beer (2016-04-18)

Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union together with German Independent Brewers’ Union decided to renew a soviet brand “ROSGLAVPIVO” within the Federal program.

Мордовин и Демляйтнер Росглавпиво

Most of Russian citizens, including Russian brewers, remember this brand: ROSGLAVPIVO – General Directorate of brewing and beverage industry of the Ministry for Food Industry of RSFSR.

European Beer StarFirst steps of the Federal program will be made towards organization and holding of the brewing contest “ROSGLAVPIVO” within an annual beverage trade fair “Beviale Moscow” and also introduction of the international quality system for brewing products and raw materials, with participation of one of the famous international research institutes, employees’ appraisal and certification of the relevant companies.

In cooperation with one of the largest Russian state banks, Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union is exploring the possibility for production, distribution and export of brewing products under the brand “ROSGLAVPIVO”.

EU Beer Star TypesAs for the Federal program, we’ll tell all details in our next press-releases: the content of the Best Russian Beer competition, what beer categories will be presented for test, who will be participants and procedure of winner selection and the key: the difference of the contest “ROSGLAVPIVO from Popular Russian brewing contests.

Any beer producer, registered at the territory of the RF and the CIS and foreign countries, can take part in the contest.  Beer producing companies from other countries can also participate in the contest if their beer is distributed in the territory of the RF. Surely, the contest “ROSGLAVPIVO” will adopt best practices of the German Independent Brewers’ Union, who has been organizing the most popular and prestigious “European Beer Star” competition during 12 years.

No doubt, for the first time we’ll not be able to run the contest in full format of 55 beer brands like European Beer Star, but we’ll try to choose the most significant and popular beer brands for the Russian Federation.

First-rate and well-experienced panel of judges will test beer brands. The key criteria will be not a technological laboratory analysis but evaluation of organoleptic indicators, in other words, sense and taste. The purpose of testing, that will be performed blindly, is selection of beer brands which will match standard criteria, followed by best quality and taste. In every category, three best beer brands will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

And above all, we’d like our contest Best Russian Beer to be desirable and rear award for the best brewing producers. No offence to representatives of the industry, we shall fudge on post-soviet formats of competition running, when “medals” are given to those who pay much money.

 The awarding of winners of the Contest “ROSGLAVPIVO” with gold, silver and bronze medals “ROSGLAVPIVO (Beer category) GOLD”, “ROSGLAVPIVO (Beer category) SILVER” and “ROSGLAVPIVO (Beer category) BRONZE” will be carried out within of the Second International Beverage Trade Fair BevialeMoscow-2017, which will be held on February 28 – March 2, 2017 in Moscow.

We’d like to invite brewing companies to participate in International Contest of brewing production for the title of Best Russian Beer – “ROSGLAVPIVO”. The detailed information about the Contest and the terms of participation will be declared additionally.







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