Sales of alcohol products in Russian regions for January-February 2016 (2016-03-25)

According to the data of the Federal State Statistics Service, retail sales of alcohol products in the Russian regions over a period of January – February 2016 were (dL):

Vodka 5502,86;
Spirit 5450,38;
Cognac 757,09;
Brandy 36,04;
Alcoholic beverages >25% 312,08;
Alcoholic beverages <25% 521,79;
Sparkling wine 1240,95;
Jug wine 3975,67;
Low alcohol drinks 612,6;
Beer 87749,21;

It’s interesting to note that increasing of alcohol consumption touched the following alcohol products:

Spirit (to 18,9%);
Alcoholic beverages <25% (to 3,7%);
Alcoholic beverages >25% (17,9%);
Beer (to 1,9%)

Production of the rest of alcohol products reduced:

Vodka (to 17,2%);
Cognac (to 4,4%);
Sparkling wine (to 23,4%);
Jug wine (to 11,8%);
Low alcohol drinks (to 63,9%)!

Statistical information by regions of Russia (available by one-click):

Alcoholic beverages > 25%;
Alcoholic beverages < 25%;
Sparkling wine;
Jug wine;
Low alcohol drinks;

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