Alexander Mordovin’s interview to “Agrarian News” (2016-07-10)

In the run up to VII Siberian Grain Forum and VI Siberian Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer in Russia” that will take place in July 22, 2016 at the territory of the company LLC “Russkoye pole”, the Tyumen Region, Isetsky d., v. Novikovo, the President of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union Alexander Mordovin granted an interview to one of the oldest agrarian magazine “Agrarian News”.

“Agrarian News” has been operating at mass media market during 10 years and specialized on agrarian topics. Circulation regions: Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo regions; republics – Udmurtia, Altai, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Altai Kari, Krasnoyarsk, Zabaykalye territories.  

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