Explanations to the competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” and the “Sample Purchase”: punishment is not carried. (2016-11-02)

Dear colleagues, representatives of brewing productions!

One of the key purposes of the Russian competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – The best Russian Beer” is popularization of companies – winners of the competition.

According to the common ethical norms and competition rules of “European Beer Star” as our example, together with Private Brauereien Deutschland, we decided  that information about participating companies that didn’t place high, would be held confidential (refer to the provision 7 of the Competition Conditions dd. March 1, 2016).

Conditions of the competition ROSGLAVPIVO 2017

So, according to the Conditions of the Competitions “ROSGLAVPIVO”, information about beers and producers that will not win the stage “ROSGLAVPIVO” – Sample Purchase” shall not be disclosed. The purpose of the “Sample Purchase” – to give a consumer an opportunity to select a proper product, to learn the best beer brands etc. We’d like to inform you that brewing producers, nominated for the “Sample Purchase”, will be able to take part as an observer during the expert tasting.   

In 2013 we carried out a test competition stage “ROSGLAVPIVO” – Sample Purchase” during which 37 beer samples have been selected, including products of transnational and Russian companies (refer to http://barley-malt.ru/?p=6592&lang=en).


We also published a list of winners in the form that we received from our partners – the Technical University of Munich, pointing that “In order to keep options for errors correction and take part in the competition again, the Union decided not to disclose information about competition results below the third place, but the companies can get their results via the Press- Office:


We were greatly disappointed that the best places according to the estimates of the experts from the Munich Technical University have been given to transnational companies. But we honestly informed the community about all results. Truth is above all. Moreover, nobody knew beers and companies that had not won.    

Or somebody can accuse us of it?

And as for silly comments of some representatives in Facebook and direct offence by Vladimir Abaryshev, Vyacheslav Vetelev, Alexander Idzhon, Yury Katunin and Sergey Neprokin, I can answer: I challenge you to a fight: one against five as in 90s. I tossed a challenge. Everything will be done honestly, in the boxing club or a sport center of your choice. Waiting for your answer!    

Alexander Mordovin

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