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Since 2012, we have been collecting statistic data about the brewing industry in the RF, near and far-abroad countries. You can also find information of XIX century among statistics data, for example:

A number of brewing plants, number of brewed beer and quantity of consumed malt and hop supplies in 1863 – 1903

Our subscribers – marketing research departments of the largest world and Russia companies, bank structures, brewing and malt companies, mass media.

You can find all information about any link of the production chain “malting barley – beer”: malting barley, malt, hop and beer in the section “Statistics”:

It is necessary to register in order to get any data.

Examples of statistical information, placed on the website:


Retail beer sales by regions in January-October 2016

Draft beer market in Russian regional centres

Breweries – leaders of St. Petersburg market

Where does beer production statistics increase after USAIS introduction 2015 – 2016


Brewers’ malt import in CIS countries in 2009 – 2016

Russian malt production in 2010 – 2015

Price estimates of European malt for malting barley harvest 2016

Location and capacities of malt plants, belonging to the largest companies


World hop production in 2015 – 2016

Hop import structure in view of producing countries in 2014 – the first half of 2016

Acreage and hop production in Czechia in 2013 – 2015

Barth’s report: hop 2014/2015


Average price dynamics for two-row malting barley in 2006 – 2016

Key quality characteristics of Russian malting barley

Spring barley resources in the RF in 2016

Sowing structure of spring crops in 2016


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