A new system of the grain purchase of JSC “ROSSPIRTPROM” (2016-12-27)

In his addresses to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation , control-fiscal and law enforcement agencies concerning decriminalization of the strong alcohol industry, Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union underlined the necessity of amending of the grain purchase system  (refer to http://barley-malt.ru/?p=17936&lang=en) pointing out creation of clear purchase schemes, access of the market participants to the purchase system, excluding intermediaries and use of shady schemes.  

In his report “Raw materials for strong alcohol production”, Alexander Mordovin noted that:

The key question in our meeting is production of grain raw materials for the Russian alcohol industry and its distribution. 

There is a problem concerning transparency of raw material moving system from an agricultural producer to the manufacturer. It refers to the pricing system for grain, including VAT, intermediator firms (one-time) and the main thing – all illegal alcohol in our country is made of legal grain at the first stage.

If there is accounted tons of supplied grain for spirit production, so there will be only accounted alcohol litre.  

We’d like to inform participants of the grain market that JSC “Rosspirtprom” is opening “Grain Exchange” –an own electronic grain purchase system. The entry to the system will be via official website http://www.rosspirtprom.ru

Any organization-seller, registered in the system, will get an access to grain proposals followed by own supply conditions.

Taking into account arising needs in raw materials, JSC “Rosspirtprom” is trying to enlarge contractor’s circle, attracting commercial offers from grain suppliers who can’t cooperate with large trading paltforms. Thanks to this system, JSC “Rosspirtprom will give an opportunity to agricultural producers to work according to the rules of clear competition. Companies, having been accredited in the “Grain Exchange”, will get an access to the quote base and become potential partners of JSC “Rosspirtprom”.

The link to the registration form of the “Grain Exchange” is placed on the homepage of the website of “Rosspirtprom”. An application form contains 23 points, including a request for declaration.  Processing of the application form continues for 5 working days. Accredited participant will receive a password via e-mail for access to the trading platform. 

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