“ROSGLAVPIVO” – first results (2017-01-18)

“ROSGLAVPIVO” – first results

In January 2017 there was a meeting of the International Expert Jury of the Russian brewing competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – The Best Russian Beer” under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the RF E.V. Gromyko in the restaurant G&M Brauhaus, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya st, h. 16a.

Evgeny Gromyko’s read welcome speech of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF A.N. Tkachev, underlining the fact that this competition has been hold for the first time.

There were 25 experts from scientific and research institutes, the brewing industry and mass media in the meeting.

132 beers of 34 brewing companies have been registered for ROSGLAVPIVO. Unfortunately, due to the breakdown in work schedules during holidays, only 95 beers have been received within the time limits set. 

For five hours together, the Expert Jury, divided into two mixed teams – Russian and foreign experts, tasted beers. The beer category No3 – Light/Lager became the most popular category. The first team tasted all beers and selected the best 7 samples that were given to the second team for the taste estimation. ROSGLAVPIVO results will be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF.


After tasting procedure there was a banquet for the Expert Jury. The key question, interesting for guests: Were there worthy beers?

Yes, moreover, some beers could be highly awarded within the competition “European Beer Star”.

We’ll inform the participants of the competition – winners of ROSGLAVPIVO about the fact: who produce the Best Russian Beer in our country, till 31.01.2017. Names of winners will be known on 1st of March 2017 within Beviale Moscow 2017 at the stand “ROSGLAVPIVO”, followed by the awarding ceremony – ROSGLAVPIVO cups, certificates and sponsors’ prizes.    

We’d like to thank all Russian brewing companies – participants of the competition and remind that any participating company has a right to get information from the estimation lists of the Expert Jury with their comments. Maybe, someone will get benefits and others will make corrections of errors and improve quality characteristics.

It bears noting that a maximum deviation of points, given by 25 experts was no more than 10 estimation points (taking into account 50 maximum points).

A detailed report and photos will be available next week.

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