Marketer’s notes: beer was entered into YANDEX or what beer topics do users search in the internet? (2017-02-03)

Our Union is actively using YANDEX statistics in order to estimate traffic ranking and visitors of the website followed by analysis, sometimes surprising us ourselves.

We are interested: is beer popular in the internet and what is an average beer lover searching in the internet. We are sure that search queries will be interesting for you, us and marketers. Let’s start.

How many users (during a month) wrote a word “Beer” in a Yandex search box. Please, take no notice of absolute figures mentioned in the search box, it serves as a reference mark for queries in the engine search.    

Reasoning, concerning “draught beer” continues reopening consumers’ minds, causing a great wish to find the nearest shop where this beer is sold and get a job.

 Скриншот 25.01.2017 123436.bmp

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123453.bmp

Curiously enough, but almost 60.000 users continue searching “Beer PIT” and probably don’t find this word combination. Craft beer is interesting for 30.000 visitors like homebrew (maybe this topic is gathering speed like vodka brewing – for record of raw material and equipment suppliers).



The Russians didn’t sit loose to the topic “Non-alcoholic beer” and “vodka and beer”. Besides, number of non-alcohol beer lovers is equal to vodka and beer followers.

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123517.bmp

Over 6.000 users searched beer “Baltika”, leaders were brands 7 and 9.



Скриншот 25.01.2017 123533.bmp

Advertising of “Heineken” caused interest of users and especially 5l. kegs and its price.

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123547.bmp

Efes Pilsner was a leader of queries and it bears noting that consumers didn’t managed to guess who was a real producer of this beer during 10 years taking into account merger of companies.

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123603.bmp

Beer of “Sun Inbev” is not popular among users. Even a Russian or English word combination Sun Interbru hasn’t produced the desired results. Why? We have not any answer.

Скриншот 13.02.2017 95741.bmp

If you compare famous German brands, an absolute leader is Paulaner and it is popular among citizens of Moscow, especially in the restaurant on Pavletsky station as well as Saint-Petersburg and Vladivostok.  

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123645.bmp

Users are searching non-alcoholic beer “Ochakovo” but cannot find it (it is food for marketers’ thoughts). Many of users think that this beer disappeared…  

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123705.bmp

Beer “Afanasy” is popular among users due to the fact that job stability and respectable salary is so rare in Russian regions today. 

Скриншот 25.01.2017 123727.bmp

“Bochkari” came up trumps with their restaurant. Almost 2.000 users per month wish to get familiar with their website and products.

Each of us can use Yandex search instrument and find many interesting and useful things. Lastly, let’s enter a word “why”. We are sure that absurd queries will elicit your smile!


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Скриншот 25.01.2017 123847.bmp


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