Newspaper “Version” – a commentary of BevialeMoscow 2017 (2017-03-07)

Raw material and business

Trade Fair BevialeMoscow 2017 took place in Crocus City Hall from 28.02 to 02.03. 2017


International Beverage Trade Fair “BevialeMoscow” resembles Nurnberg exhibition “BrauBeviale”. Its sections include: Raw materials, Technologies, Logistics, Marketing. We are observing an attempt to transfer a “family receipt” of “Beviale” to Russian realias.

The Trade Fair covered all beverage production cycles and marketing of the Russian market. Besides, it was focused on additional sections, for example, dairy products and other directions.

Trade Fair topics were:

  1. Raw materials and beverages for beer production, alcohol free drinks and dairy products, for wine, champagne and strong alcohol products.
  2. Machines and equipment for production and processing of malt, water and beer cleaning and filtration, production of alcohol free drinks and dairy products, wine, champagne and strong alcohol products, filtration and technologies of heat-exchange equipment and heat-treatment equipment.
  3. Equipment for bottling and packing of beverages for: bottles, cans and other containers, package for kegs and barrels.
  4. Packing materials and components for supporting machinery, closing systems.
  5. Working and laboratory equipment, processes and accessory materials, beer filtration, analytics, vessels, containers and pumps.
  6. Electric power installations, units for compressed air/gas, safety and environment protection.
  7. Transport, handling equipment and accessories.
  8. Marketing researches, logistics and equipment for public catering, equipment for beer bottling, services, institutions and mass media.

vystavka-beviale-moscow-2017-proshla-v-krokus-siti-xoll-s-28-02-2-03-2There are opinions of organizers (for example, the Chairmen of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union Alexander Mordovin and the CEO Alexey Rubtsov) concerning good time for the exhibition. Beverage market of Eastern Europe demonstrates growth starting from liquid milk products to special craft beer. According to estimates, revenues on beverage and milk production will increase to more than 60% by 2018 in Russia! This tendency speaks for necessity to carry out international expertise in the Russian market.

So, VLB conferences, Rosglavpivo tasting and other seminars with participation of the largest companies have been organized within BevialeMoscow:

 Baltic Craft, Birkner GmbH & Co KG, Buhler AG, Kaspari GmbH, Grain Rus Russia, Doctor Guber, Ebia cz, NVG Cooperative for hop processing e.G., J.Barth and Son GmbH & Co.KG, KHS GmbH, Malt plant Soufflet Spb, LaBEERint Brewery, Marketbeer, Micro Matik, Mir Beer, Pentair Netherlands, Firma Polifilter, Rausch, O. Salm & Co GmbH, Samara Malt, Secado, Strategy XXI, LLC Technofilter,Tsar Beer, Eshe Parochky, Ziemann, Holvrieka etc. 

 Besides, intensive joint and successful work was organized together with Private Brauereien Deutschland and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union and focused on advanced training of Heads of the largest brewing plants, craft breweries and mini breweries: a seminar of VLB for representatives of beer and beverage industry and MicroBrew Symposium Russia. Besides, there were some special expositions devoted to PET and cool/heat treatment in beverage production. By opinion of the Managing Director Hubert Demmler, all details will be taken into account in future at BrauBeviale 2018 that will soon become annual. Also a so-called “Craft Corner” was represented at the exhibition, where 12 famous Russian craft breweries could demonstrate their beers.



So, matured experience of NurenbergMesse concerning organizing of exhibitions, including “BrauBeviale” (that is planning in China in May 26-27 in Shanghai and Brazil «China Craft Beer Conference & Exhibition») adopted a Russian project “BevialeMoscow”.

Current information about exhibitions and historical data of “BevialeMoscow 2015” is available here.

It bears noting that BevialeMoscow 2017 and 4 All-Russian Conference-tasting 2017 (and other thematic festivals) were useful in terms of experience sharing and productive discussions. So, people wished to know specifics, practical knowledge and changing of legislation in accordance with personal needs.

BevialeMoscow 2017. Alexander Mordovin and Alexey Rubtsov

Over half of exhibitors represented the regional market. Over 4000 visitors-experts came to Moscow from 30 countries, especially neighboring countries as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, covering different sectors of the industry: brewing and malt, beverage trade, restaurant business, public catering, wine, juice, mineral water and milk productions and also service and research sectors.


“Our Version” supported BevialeMoscow 2017, accentuating economical and legislative processes of the brewing and related industries. So, we hope all problems and topics, being discussed during the exhibition will be developed and solved in future.     

We’d like to express appreciation to Hubert Demmler and Yulia Zimina for accreditation and information concerning BevialeMoscow 2017.

We’d like to remind of reasonable consumption of beer and sale prohibition for persons under the age of 18!

  Author of the article and photo: Roman Egorov

Source: newspaper “Version”


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