Pavel Dostálek

Professor of biotechnologies, the Head of brewing and malt laboratory of the Institute of Fermentation Chemistry and Bioengineering, Chemical Technology Institute, Prague, the Editor of Czech food magazine

Prof. Ing. Pavel Dostálek, CSc. –there are only two Czech professors for brewing (commonly with Prof.Ing.Gabriela Basařová, Dr.Sc.) 

Recent position: Department of Biotechnology, Brewing and malting laboratory, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Technická 5, 16628 Prague 6, Czech Republic Professor of biotechnology, responsible person for brewing and malting education at university master level, responsible person for education of employes from czech breweries, alumni from this university work at about 40 breweries in the Czech Republic at different positions 

1985 Graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (Department of Fermentation Chemistry and Bioengineering, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology). 

1991 PhD degree in biotechnology (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague). 

1993 Teaching stay at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. 

1996 Course of Food Technology at Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel.

2004 Member of Editorial Board of the journal “Kvasny Prumysl”. 

2007 Assoc. Prof. degree in biotechnology (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague).

2012 Professor of Biotechnology (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague). 

2013 Visiting professor possition at Department of Agraria, Sassari University, Sardinia, Italy. 

2015 F.O.Poupe lifetime Achievement Award for malting and brewing from Czech Brewing and Malting Association.

2015 Award from Czech and Moravian Brewing Academy for year 2016 for education of brewers.

2016 Editor of Czech Journal of Food Sciences.

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