Open letter to the representatives of the production chain “malting barley-beer” (2012-05-28)

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

A little over one year ago the Barley and Malt Union (BMU) was established. As you remember the establishment of the Barley and Malt Union was no coincidence. It was preceded by the increase of excise taxes on beer products with growth prospects up to 18 rubles per 1 litre, they also planned to introduce licensing brewing production and sales turnover, excise stamps, prohibition on use of unmalted and sugar-containing materials while producing beer, prohibition on use of PET containers, restriction of a maximum container volume to 0,33 l and other mostly unjustified strengthening of the state legislative and technical regulation on brewing production.

We – agricultural producers – protect interests of the national brewing business, interests of the production chain “malting barley – beer”.

In a year from the moment of its establishment the BMU has become one of the biggest agri-industrial unions in Russia. With the seat in the building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation it numbers almost 200 companies, from biggest agribusiness holding companies to small farm enterprises – the representatives of primary links of the “malting barley – beer” production chain.

We have managed to become a strong social platform for protection of common interests – interests of Russian companies consolidated by devotion to the duty – production of malting barley, hops and malt.

We have achived a lot, in attachment you will find the summary of our work for the year, but there is still much to be done. We should work in cooperation, all the links of the chain, from agricultural producers to brewers. Clouds are piling up over the brewing industry; according to available information, the State Duma deputy Zvagelsky V. F. will attempt to introduce licensing of the brewing industry in July – a new draft law will be introduced for consideration by the State Duma and further rapid increase of excise taxes on beer products is planned.

Nowadays we have much more questions than answers concerning the industry. Only acting in cooperation we will be able to protect our interests. Today we have no right to take back seat, to be indifferent to the on-going situation. That is why I encourage all, who love their occupation and are proud of what already has beeb archieved, to hold together!

We are glad to inform you that our Union is open for representatives of the home brewing community – enterprises of small and medium brewing business. The Union Charter allows enterprises of brewing business to enter the Union, so we are ready to effect a change in the name of the Union as well as to re-elect the Union Board and to fit in representatives of the brewing industry at the II Convention.

It is we – Russian people – who can and must change attitude of the country’s government and society to beer products.

We should prove that beer is a high quality and useful product, manufactured from Russian selective raw materials at Russian enterprises fitted with world’s best equipment.

We invite you to join our Union. Please find the application form and more information on the website or address to the press office of the BMU: +7(985)988-77-91, +7(485)353-89-03

Best regards,
A. Mordovin President of the BMU Results of work of Barley and Malt Union

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