Premium malt from “IREKS”: Bavarian quality traditions (2017-06-15)

No doubt, every brewer knows German (Bavarian) Beer Purity Law ( that is considered to be the key brewing law by our Union but only a few of people know that a similar law exists for brewers’ malt produced in Bavaria.

Yes, the very law according to which it is prohibited to use any product, except choice malting barley (produced in Bavaria, having the following quality parameters), water and classical malt technologies:

  • 98% purity of a variety
  • 95% germination energy
  • 90% coarseness (> 2,5 mm)
  • 2,5% bypass (< 2,2 mm)
  • max. 11,5%, min. 9,5% protein
  • max. 14,5% moisture
  • natural weight no more than 600-610 g/l

It is prohibited to apply disinfection agents while soaking of barley like formaldehyde and potassium hypermanganate or phytohormones, for example, gibberellic acid, stimulating the development of the plant, providing seed germination and various accelerants of malting.

But as you know, applying of additional chemical agents leads to lowering of requirements to the quality of raw materials and also accelerates malt production process and makes it cheaper of the honest producer of “a classic of the genre”. Unfortunately, small companies in the RF have not opportunity to control quality of malt themselves, relying on characteristics mentioned in shipment documents and some trust the words of the fellow “buy foreign products they are better”. But we know that “Export for RUS” became the fashion in foreign countries.

It bears noting that international malt producers, operating in the RF, consider impossible to use “chemical agents” for malt production.

There are some examples, when Russian mini-breweries purchase malt, rejected by the largest brewing companies and also shipments of imported low quality brewers’ malt or “mix” of high quality and low quality malt, including unmalted barley packed in original bags of the famous foreign malt producer.  

FSBI “Quality Assessment Centre” of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, regularly, but on a test basis, makes assessment of malt lots, used for brewing production and unfortunately, experts of this organizations find low quality malt, including foreign, even Germany. Testing of imported brewers’ malt supplied to the Russian market, carried out by our Union in the Scientific and Research Centre “Weihenstephan” of the Munich Technical University, shows that quality parameters, mentioned in the supply agreement, often differ from real quality of the supplied lots. It refers to moisture, colour, extractivity etc. It is not surprising that there are problems while brewing.

So, it is very important for a brewer to trust malt producers, guaranteeing high quality of their products and suppliers, responsible for original delivery from producer to buyer’s warehouse. 

 “IREKS”, Kulmbach, Bavaria has been a member of our Union for many years, well-known for high quality malt, made according to German Beer Purity Law as well as ingredients for baking. Samples of brewers’ malt of “IREKS” supplied to warehouses of distributors are selected by a special commission of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union in anonymized form and are tested in the Scientific and Research Centre “Weihenstephan” of the Munich technical University. “IREKS” produces all kinds of malt, necessary for a brewer, including new malt mixtures for production of special craft beer brands of the unique receipt, developed by “IREKS”.          




Moscow, Snezhnaya st. 20
+7 (495) 105-00-12


Lipetsk, Pobeda avenue 29, BC Victoria, office 225
+ 7(4742) 57-07-24
+ 7(4742) 57-07-26
+7 (920) 246-57-57

Golyanovskaya st.,
h. 3А, b. 3, p. Vl, r. 2
+7 (499) 393 39 27

Malt of “IREKS”


Dear members of our Union – Russian brewing companies, please, note that from 2017 you can send samples of brewers’ malt in an anonymized form, purchased from official distributors of the company “IREKS” for the purpose to carry out free testing in “Weihenstephan”. In addition, we can send any malt samples – Russian and foreign for testing at internal prices of the Centre.   

Service catalogue of «Weihenstephan»


IREKS company presentation


For all questions, concerning Ireks malt, supplies and prices, please address to the management team of the company (in Russian, German, English):

Mr. Kay-Tassilo Pauli

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