Sergey Vasilyevich Shakhov

Head of Innovations and Inventions Centre

Professor of the chair «Machinery and food equipment», the Voronezh State Technological institute

Sergey Vasilyevich Shakhov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the chair «Machinery and food production equipment», Academic secretary of the International Academy of Refrigeration, a corresponding member of RANH. Born in 1962 in Russia. In 1985 graduated from the Voronezh Technological Institute with a degree in mechanic engineer. Then, has been working in the meat plant «Voronezhsky» for three years.

In 1988 transferred to the Voronezh Technological Institute where defended a Ph.D. thesis «Researching and improving of enzymatic agents dewatering methods with use of ultrafiltration and  dehydrofreezing». In 2010 defended a doctor’s thesis «Scientific base for the development of intensive food sphere de-watering with applying of vacuum dehydrofreezing».     
Scientific researches cover heat and mass transfer for brewing productions. He got kinetics for beer production and developed original methods and units for beer wort and filtration. Sergey is an author of more than 200 innovations and models.
Most of his inventions are used in food and processing industries as well as in the brewing sector. Patented methods and models can be also applied in other industries like chemical, oil, pharmaceutical etc.   

His inventions were introduced to the Voronezh brewing plant, private breweries Rugen and Artel and the Voronezh Institute for engineers’ training. Sergey’s papers were included into learning guides and monographs classified as the Ministry of Higher Education Institutions of the RF. Among them are «Engineering calculation of technological equipment for fermentation productions», Scientific researches and development of the thermal regeneration method for kiselgur in order to re-use it in beer clarification” etc. 
His inventions were demonstrated in more than 100 international exhibitions and models of drying and membrane equipment were exhibited in All-Russian Exhibition Centre; awarded 2 medals (including a medal of Alfred Nobel) and diploma. Sergey is a scholar of the President of the RF. Published over 500 scientific papers, guidance manuals, trained more than 200 high skilled mechanic engineers.

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