Quench (2012-02-25)



— Malting barley variety No 1 in Europe
— 16 thous. ha of seed areas in European countries in 2012
— Production permission in the RF and Ukraine from 2012

International recognition

— approved by the National Program (Comité Bière Malt Orge), France
— recommended by Berlin Program, Germany
— recognized by Distilling and Brewing Institute (IBD), Great Britain


— High crop yield and perfect adaptation
— Strong short culm — high lodging resistance
— Resistance to rhynchosporium and powdery mildew


— Sustained quality of malt during various malting regimes
— High extractivity
— Balanced ratio of cytolysis and proteolysis

Biological peculiarities

— Mid-season variety
— Vegetation period 69-97 days
— High tillering ability
— At maturity ear remains upright for a long time
— Thousand-kernel weight 38-47 g.

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