Russia: Results of the Grain Forum Siberia 2013 – Newsletter No. 32b (2013-08-14)

Topical problems of the leading industry of agriculture – grain production – as well as status and development prospects of the grain market were discussed in Omsk region in the framework of the annual Grain Forum Siberia. In the framework of the Forum the Heads of federal and regional executive and legislative power of the Russian Federation, owners and top managers of agricultural and processing enterprises, leading domestic and international agrarian experts.

Participants of the Forum: big companies on procurement of durum wheat from member states of the Eurasian Community, representatives of business community from China and Kazakhstan. Experts and specialists studied the possibilities for raising of malting barley production and export to the PRC and SCO countries.

“Grain Forum is an outstanding event not only for Omsk region, but also for the whole country of Russia which is held by the National Union of Grain Producers with participation of the Barley, Malt and Beer Union and reputable circle of experts” – Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Petrikov thinks, – “Grain production is fast growing in our country. Russia is an export-oriented country. However there are problems: re-equipment of the industry, development of breeding and seed farming, especially of durum wheat varieties, advanced processing in order to export not only grain and to provide the population with the end product and animal farms with valuable supplement feeds by our own forces, not from abroad. All these issues are discussed at the Grain Forum that is an annual, traditional and reputable event. There is good reason that Omsk region is the place of where the event is held. This is the region with fast growing agriculture including grain production. Siberian grain is quite competitive in its segment” – Alexander Petrikov says.

One of the results of the Grain Forum is participation of Omsk breeders and agricultural producers in the “Beijing Program”. It aims to organize scientific trials of malting barley varieties of different breeding companies on the territory of the Russian Federation in order to select the most appropriate and desirable varieties for the Chinese malting and brewing industry. It is also planned to develop agro-technologies of the crop growing in order to provide quality characteristics for further planting of this variety by the Russian agricultural producers for the purposes of export to the PRC.

Zhang Raymann from the malting company Supertime (China): “I came here to better understand the aspects of Russian agriculture, to communicate with the colleagues, to tell them about our requirements and to find out what are possibilities for our cooperation.”

On 9 August 2013 the meeting with representatives of business and official communities of China, National Union of Grain Producers and the author and performer of the program – Barley, Malt and Beer Union, was held at the Ministry of Agriculture . Participants of the meeting informed that at the moment the lot of barley samples from the whole country is being formed. It will be sent to Germany and China for tests in order to find the most appropriate for the Chinese industry varieties. Moreover the experts suppose that the malting barley varieties from Omsk have all chances to successfully pass tests.

The opinion of the Governor of Omsk region Viktor Nazarov on the issue of the “Beijing Program”: “In the grain segment barley takes less than 20 %. However there are opportunities raise the production of this promising crop. That is a big choice of quality seeds which conform with standards, including WTO: fertile soil, good conditions for the grain growing. That is why the interest of foreign brewers only helps us.” Newsletter 32b August 08 - August 11, 2013 2013-08-13 17-21-42

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