Introduction conditions

Members of the Union may be legal entities – business and non-commercial organizations – which activities are:

  • Production, processing and marketing of malting barley and other grains used in the malting and brewing production as well as production of malt out of any other grain crops;
  • Manufacture of nonalcoholic and beer products, in the production of which malting barley and malt are used;
  • Providing producers of malting barley, malt and nonalcoholic and beer products with logistical resources (suppliers of plant protection, machinery, fertilizers, equipment, etc.);
  • Carrying out scientific and technological work in the field of plant breeding malting barley, production of malting barley and malt, and nonalcoholic and beer products;
  • Supporting and related activities (consulting, finance, insurance, brokerage, information, banking services, etc.)