Banquet for the Expert Jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO” (2016-12-22)

Banquet for the Expert Jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO”

In January 16 at 19:00 p.m. there will be a banquet for the Expert Jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO” – The Best Russian Beer in the restaurant G&M Brauhaus, the city of Moscow, Novoslobodskaya st, h.16a.


Members of the Expert Jury and representatives of the industry – participants of “ROSGLAVPIVO” will take part in the banquet. The list of VIP-guests includes top management of some industrial companies, representatives of the Government authorities, federal mass media. 



A master-class of beer tasting from Irina Zimmermann, the best female sommelier in the world (3d place in Beer Sommelier World Championship 2015) will take place during the banquet. Gold medalists of ROSGLAVPIVO will be tasted within the master-class.

Members of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union have a right to get one free invitation ticket and three tickets at 50% discount.

Due to participation of VIP-guests, admission by invitation only.




  1. TOP BREWERY says:

    Красивый интерьер у ресторана. Вот только зря, что простым людям не попасть на это мероприятие.
    Я думаю, профессионалам отрасли было бы интересно пообщаться с некоторыми из жюри.

  2. Idealo says:

    Ирина Циммерманн это что наша бывшая россиянка? Так высоко в теме пива пробилась?
    Среди лучших сомелье по пиву в мире, круто.