“ROSGLAVPIVO” notifies of “Sample Purchase» cancellation (2016-12-21)

Organizing Committee of the Russian competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” decided to cancel  “Sample Purchase”. So, “ROSGLAVPIVO will be carried out as a usual brewing competition followed by participation of interested companies only. At the present moment 112 beers of 36 brewing companies have already been registered. All interested companies are welcome for participation. More detailed information is placed on the web-site www.rosglavpivo.com

Today, it is necessary to find an effective solution of the industry problems and to join forces with the Public Council uniting Directors of industry Unions and Associations, public organizations and scientific community. Besides, a great co-work upon division of the Federal law 171 “On the Government regulation of alcohol production and limits for alcohol use” to three parts: beer, wine and strong alcohol is also planned.

It bears noting that all public organizations and brewing companies together with Russian wine makers and growers began co-working upon future sections “beer” and “wine”.

Some protocol resolutions have already been approved:

  1. The Expert Council of the Federation Council Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management under the chair of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee S.F. Lisovsky;
  2. The Public Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF;
  3. The Working Group for Improvement of the Government Regulation and Competitiveness at the alcohol market within the Government Commission for Competitiveness and Alcohol market Regulation.

Partner Unions – Viticulturists and Wine Makers’ Union and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union are planning to discuss the question, concerning the division of the Federal law No 171 to three parts: beer, wine and strong alcohol within the enlarged meeting of the Federation Council Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, involving the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation and also to organize a Forum “Regulation of the production and circulation of low-alcohol products – Status Quo and development prospects” within BevialeMoscow 2017 that will take place from 18th of February to 2d of March 2017 in Crocus Expo.



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