Alcohol sales monopoly – we support it! (2015-12-28)

In January 2015, Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union studied working experience of German executive authorities, responsible for production and circulation of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products.

The final document concerning German monopoly system (refer to the document) was presented by Russian legislative and executive authorities for review (the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Government of the RF, the Federal Service for Alcohol market Regulation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Цистерна спирта Федерального монопольного управления Германии

Alcohol storage tank of the German Monopoly Administration

It bears noting that this information deserves attention.

By opinion of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF Alexander Khloponin, Russia needs in the Government monopoly on ethyl alcohol sales and sharp control for alcohol circulation. It is a very important problem deserving attention of the Government next year. For example, in Germany ethyl alcohol sales, including private companies is regulated by federal services.  

We studied a German model. Even, if it is a distilling plant and there is a work shop for bottling of strong alcohol products, everything is regulated by federal services. You are not permitted supplying ethyl alcohol for production without any control.

Also, Alexander Khloponin didn’t eliminate an idea that medical alcohol could be used for alcohol production by unfair business men. Only 2% of medical alcohol is used for drug production. We have 25 distilling plants, producing medical alcohol, regulated by another law. It is the same ethyl alcohol for production of strong alcohol. They have another regulating system. They are licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and pharma drugs are produced by other companies. According to various estimates, only 2% of capacities of the mentioned plants are used for drug production and what about the rest?

The powerful adviser for creation of the Government monopoly will be a Working Group for the Government monopoly and alcohol distribution within the Federation Council.

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