Alexander Mordovin took part in the meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture (2016-02-18)

In February 17, 2016 the Minister of Agriculture of the RF Alexander Tkachev held the meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Among participants were representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Heads of the relevant committees of the Federal Assembly Gennady Gorbunov and Nikolay Pankov, leaders of the departments and representatives of regional authorities.

Items of the agenda – preliminary results of harvesting 2015, preparations for seasonal fieldworks 2016, implementation of the Government support measures, focused on keeping of investment potential of the agricultural industry.    

The reporters were:

– the Director of the Department of Plant-Growing, Chemicalization and Plant Protection Petr Chekmarev “Preliminary results of harvesting 2015 and preparations for seasonal fieldworks 2016”;

– the Director of the State Service, Staff and Anti-Corruption Department Ivan Lebedev “Anti-Corruption Control”;

– the Deputy Director of the Department for Economics and Government support of Agriculture Alexander Karpushin “Implementation of Government measures, focused on keeping of investment potential of the agricultural industry in 2015”.

The report of the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev:

We have packed agenda, including items connected with sowing campaign, implementation of previous contingency measures etc.

As for last year results, the main is production growth in 2015 and further development of the agricultural complex.

I’d like to thank you for your efforts and results achievement.

This year we’ll have to work under financial and economic crisis. So our task is to keep planned growth rates.

Development of the agricultural complex of the RF is an overriding priority of our country. New “development plan 2016” contains additional supporting measures. Even under the budget deficit, industry financing shall be increased. 

Today it is important to allocate expenses correctly and make the best use of every ruble. It bears noting that the Ministry of Agriculture began transferring money to regions within signed agreements 2016. At present, regions received 46 billion rub,. it is twice as much as last year.

Preparations for sowing are in progress. This year provision of farms with seeds, fertilizers, combustive and lubricating materials and equipment is higher than last year”. 

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