Glyphosate or “Don’t drink German beer or will be a kiddy?” (2016-02-29)



«German beer is POISON!»

You can think so, if you read a research report of German Institute for Environmental Studies (, delivered a bombshell two days ago.

German Institute located in Munich and its Bavarian beer experts, within a 500th jubilee year of the Beer purity law, discovered glyphosate – a general effect herbicide, a killer for all kinds of weeds. Like any other chemical protection agent, Glyphosate in a pure form is poison for any living organism (

So, it is hard to escape a conclusion that German beer contains poison!

Definitely, and more clamorous than a beer scandal, can be only a previous Volkswagen “diesel” scandal.

It bears noting that in contrast to foreign mass media, reaction of German mass media and business community was rather restrained (you can find a research report here).

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So, what has been discovered by German Institute for Environmental Studies, having a legal form “Public organization – the Union”, bearing upon science, glyphosate and chemical protection agents as much as dear V.I. Mamontov, the Head of the Executive Committee of Russian Brewers Union.     


There is a Russian proverb: “You’ve got the wrong sow by the ear”.

It is easy to understand that a modern agriculture is impossible without advanced equipment and chemical protecting agents. Glyphosate has been used widely from 1970 all over the world and its trough concentration can be discovered not only in beer but in grain, meat, soil and water etc.

So, why did they take alarm and what concentration was found by the German Institute, desiring glory?

Скриншот 29.02.2016 95816.bmpThis table shows a level of discovered glyphosate in beer. According to data, beer “Hasseroeder” contains even 29, 74 μg /l of glyphosate. Please, don’t mix up μg /l and mg/l. Microgram is a unit that 1.000 times lesser than a milligram.

So, one litre of “toxic Hasseroeder” contains 0,02974 milligram of glyphosate. To be fair is it a large dose or not?

Having remembered the fact that a nicotine drop can kill a horse, we decided to carry out an investigation of the Russian legislation in order to estimate a level of damage.

The Technical Regulation of participating countries of the Eurasian Economic Union contains grain safety requirements:

 Скриншот 29.02.2016 100806.bmp

Up to 3 mg of glyphosate can be in 1 kg of grain!!! 

For the sake of simplicity of calculations, let’s agree to a formula according to which, for production of 1 l. of beer, it is required 0,2 kg of malting barley and taking into account researches of International Program on Chemical Safety. Environmental Health Criteria 159: Glyphosate. WHO, Geneva, 1994 and its conclusions that a glyphosate transition coefficient from grain to beer is 4% = 1/25 (during thermal treatment in beer and malt production, the main part of glyphosate splits into safety components), we has come to a conclusion that beer, made of malt, produced from malting barley grown at the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, can contain maximal permissible quantity of glyphosate –  0,024 milligram/litre.  This figure is equal to the discovered in “Hasseroeder”. So, according to norms of the Eurasian Economic Union this beer couldn’t raise any questions.

But we are interested in other characteristics – Hygienic rates of pesticides in natural environments, food stock and food products, set in  The Uniform sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements covering pesticides, produced and imported to the territories of participating countries of the Customs Union,  independent from the country of origin.

Скриншот 29.02.2016 101555.bmp

What is the result? Permissible daily dose of glyphosate is 0,1 milligram per kilogram of human body mass/day.

It means that even not so zealous beer lover weighing 50 kg will be good after using of 5 milligram of glyphosate per day.

So, we can drink near 166 litres of “Hasseroeder” per day (more than 16 beer boxes).

So, why are the Institute troubling waters? We can agree with dear V.I. Mamontov  “Somebody “ordered” someone and spread PR all over the world”. It is interesting to note that European Union norms are not so strict and 0,5 milligram of glyphosate per one kg of human body mass doesn’t cause any alarm.

The fact of the matter is that in December 2015 s permission for glyphosate use in European countries was run out and it ought to be extended or prohibited. But in 2015, thanks to a campaign against glyphosate, this decision was not accepted and the European Commission requested additional six months for exploring of this question.

No doubt, “the Institute for Environmental Studies” became a performer and beer – an instrument and it can play role of the last nicotine drop and influence on a final conclusion. But according to our information, the Minister of Agriculture of Germany Christian Schmidt is supporting further use of glyphosate, followed by prohibition of its sale to private companies.   

So, the moral of this story is
Don’t drink German beer or will be a kiddy.

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