Union’s recommendations for export of agricultural products were included in the draft addenda of the Government Program 2013-2020. (2016-05-10)

Since 2010, from the moment of Union’s creation, we’ve been cooperating with the Government authorities in the matter of supporting of agricultural export. In October 2011 within “Golden Autumn” , the President of the Union A. Morodvin expressed sharp criticism in his report “Key problems of Russian breeding and seed production and the possibility of its solving in the light of the current agrarian-food policy of the RF”:

I think, several of us were at Gala concert in the Kremlin on 01.10, devoted to the Day of Agricultural and Processing Industry Workers; those, who watched a direct broadcast could notice that the Chairman of the Government of the RF V.V. Putin compared the military-industrial and the agricultural complexes in order of importance and the President D.A. Medvedev told that the agricultural complex of the RF placed the leading position in the national economy. I’m sure that we become witnesses of the most significant changes in the industry as inattention to industry problems leads to overheating of the market, prices disbalance and increasing of social pressure in the community.     

Besides, by Putin’s opinion, Russia shall be the key world exporter of agricultural and derived products. Unfortunately, we’ve been looking towards Europe and other countries for a long time and trying to copy their market, products, varieties, giving green light or often a separate market lane to foreign representatives, forgetting about domestic producers. Surely, we shall adopt experience of Europe, America, Canada.  There is no need to withhold the fact of the Russian agricultural gap but we shall notice a strong Government support in these countries in the form of hectare recompense, direct Government investments to the scientific and industrial activities and support of exporters. For example, in Germany, the Ministry of Agriculture together with Embassies from different countries are implementing supporting programs for German exporters at all external markets. We can only dream about it.

Complex support of exporters by the German Ministry of Agriculture in 2012 interested the Government of the RF, but due to the change of the Government in May 2012, the question was off the table.

But we didn’t forget our ideas and a few years later, we managed to involve the Ministry of Agriculture and as a result, in February 19, 2016 the President of the Union A. Mordovin took part in the meeting of the “Inter-Governmental Working Group for Export Support and Development”. Taking into account request of the Ministry of Agriculture, experience gained and studied by Alexander Mordovin together with the German Ministry of Agriculture, package of proposals and a presentation “Support program of agricultural export as an example of Germany” have been prepared.

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You can find a presentation by reference.

It bears noting almost all recommendations of our Union were supported by Heads of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF and included in the list of the key activities focused on export support:

– Assistance in exhibition activities, held abroad, providing of display area and arranging of a stand;

– Emerging of the agricultural brand “Made in Russia”;

– Creation of a special agricultural export structure. Time will show, will it be a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Agriculture (Union’s request) or another form of business entity;

– Government support connected with expenses etc.

We hope that our recommendations, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF will be approved in compliance with sub-clause 5, clause 1 of Instructions of the President of the RF V.V. Putin from December 3, 2015 “Concerning Adding of the Export Support Sub-program to the Government Program for the Development of Agriculture and Regulation of the agricultural market, raw materials and food for 2013-2020.     

5) to add corresponding sub-programs focused on export support with figures responsible for increase of non-resource export in to the Government program of the RF “Development of the industry and competitiveness improvement” and the Government program for the development of agriculture and regulation of agricultural markets, raw materials and food for 2013-2020.

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