Beer export support to PRC – in progress (2017-10-20)

Since 2010 Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union has been working upon the developing of measures directed to the state export support of the Russian agricultural production.

It bears noting that recommendations of the Union concerning export support were included into the State program 2013-2020 (refer to   

Recommendations of the Union were the following:

– assistance in exhibitions abroad, including providing of exposition areas and arranging of stands on a fee-free basis;

– creation of the Russian brand “Made in Russia”;

– creation of the agricultural structure focused on the development of the agricultural export – it is referred to JSC “Russian export centre”;

– Government support, concerning expenses for participation in exhibitions, representation costs etc.   

At present, we have 100 million rubles within the priority project “Agricultural export” in accordance with the Government Decree 3 1104 dd. 15.09.2017 “Concerning providing of subsidies from the Federal budget to Russian companies for compensation of some of expenses for transportation of agricultural and food products by land, including railway service from the European part of Russia to China through border checkpoints “Zabaykalsk” (Zabaykalie Territory) and “Naushki” (the Republic of Buryatia)”. The Government Decree, including beer, cider, poire and mead drinks is available here:

Government Decree No 1104 dd. 15.09.2017


A special program is directed to the agricultural export and food support, namely to compensation of expense equivalent costs during transportation of products by railway service (or by cars, in combination with rail) to external markets.

Size of compensation

not over 50% of expense equivalent costs of exporters

within the following limits:

40’ containers – 100 000 rub.

20’ containers – 80 000 rub.

1m3 (1t) in groupage container – 6 000 rub.

1 km (for a car) – 45 rub.

Not exceeding 50% of costs for products have already been carried


An agent of the Government of the RF for managing of the mentioned subsidies is JSC “Russian export centre”.

More detailed information is available on www.exportceп or by reference .

For any questions, please contact to Sharafan Anton Sergeyevich, tel: (495) 937-47-47 (add. 6215) or e-mail

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