Participants of the “United Russia” Forum “Human health – a kernel of successful development of Russia” are against PET! (2016-06-06)

A report of the Senator Andrey Sobolev, the representative of the executive authority in Sevastopol at the Forum “Human health – a kernel of successful development of Russia”, organized by the “United Russia Party” in May 26 in Yalta.

Dear Colleagues!

One of the common barriers to the healthy lifestyle is alcohol abuse. 

сенатор Андрей Соболев

According to data of the World Health Organization, alcohol overuse resulted in more than two millions death and 4% of disease burden in the world. By medical statistics, today almost three millions of Russians are suffering from alcohol.

Analysis of narcological situation shows that growth of alcohol overuse level is observed among young men and women of childbearing potential. It is connected with physical and price affordability, especially it refers to low alcohol cocktails and beer, widely used by young people.

Over 70% of brewing products in Russia are bottled to PET containers, the most popular – 1,5l. For comparison: in Sweden, Ireland and Netherlands alcohol products in PET are not sold; in Great Britain, Italy and France, PET market share is only near 0,1%; in Belgium and Germany – 3-4% but PET containers are mainly used for storage of “live” beer during several days. 

Use of alcohol from PET containers is harmful for health. Some Russian research institutes and laboratories proved that PET container filled with beer produced a poison dibutylphthalate causing toxic hepatitis, immune system impairment and other diseases.

In December 9, 2015 the Federation Council accepted an Order “Concerning current state and prospects of the Russia alcohol market” according to which the Government was recommended to introduce a prohibition on alcohol production and circulation in PET containers exceeding 1,5l. from July 1, 2016 and over 0,5l. – from January 1, 2017.

Mentioned draft bill was passed in the first reading even in June 2014 and all amendments were made by members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma.

Besides, PET is also harmful for environment and fishery, it pollutes a shelf plate and tourist’s zone. No wonder that this draft bill was supported by the Government of Sevastopol. It will be good if a new holiday season doesn’t resemble a picture of tourists, drinking beer in “bugler’s position”.

Last week, the Government approved their amendments to the draft bill, according to which PET containers over 1,5l.  will be prohibited since January 1, 2017 thanks to the decision of the leader of the Party Dmitry Medvedev within the meeting in Perm in March 30, 2016.

It bears noting that according to the official Government comments to this draft bill, for the purpose of implementation of the state strategy focused on decreasing of alcohol abuse level, it is necessary to switch to 0,5l. PET containers.

So, coming accept of the draft bill is only a first step.

Soft package for alcohol – a trojan horse, driving into health and ecological problems, alcohol abuse and economical problems as a whole.

Please, include a provision concerning necessity for phased prohibition of PET containers in to the program of the Forum.

It bears noting that a final resolution of the Forum will provide the basis for the election program of “United Russia Party” in autumn of this year.

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