I Mid-Russian Grain Forum and VI Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer in Russia”: results, awarding and a photoreport. (2016-07-04)

 стр 1 Программа ДП Курск 2016

In July 1, 2016 Grain Producers’ Union and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union held I Mid-Russian Grain Forum and VI Mid-Russian Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer in Russia. Business events took place in the Culture Centre in the village Manturovo and LLC “Lutch” at the territory of Manturovsky district of the Kursk Region.

The General partner was a company BASF, the General sponsor of agricultural equipment – CNH Industrial.

These business events were supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, the State Duma and the Federation Council of the RF, followed by welcome letters for participants and guests. Awarding of the best representatives of the industry by parliamentarians and the Federal Ministry is also bears noting.  

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The Minister of Agriculture of the RF A.N. Tkachev highly appreciated the activity of partner Unions focused on the development of the Russian agricultural complex:

So, I’d like to underline an important role of the Grain producers’ Union and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union in solving of key problems of food safety of our country and the development of the domestic crop industry and a whole agricultural complex.

Over 300 companies of the agricultural complex and the brewing industry – participants of the technological chain: research and scientific institutes, breeding and seed production companies, grain, hop, malt and brewing, plant protecting and agricultural equipment producers took part in the discussion of the current industry problems. Guests from neighboring countries and beyond visited our country to share the experience and demonstrate new products of selection, agro-chemistry and technological devices.

It bears noting that all largest malting barley producers of the Central Federal District and representatives of foreign malt and brewing companies (excluding two) took part in the mentioned events.


Dear colleagues, unfortunately, there were two companies that prohibited their staff to visit our business events. We won’t name them; they will find themselves in our caricature. Nevertheless, we’ll inform the Minister of Agriculture of the RF A.N. Tkachev about this incident and point responsible persons. We are sure that continuation of confrontation with agricultural producers does more harm than good. The Ministry of Agriculture of the RF created the Working Group for brewing issues and such boycott looked silly. It’s a pity but these two companies haven’t realized it yet.

  1. to Directors of departments of the Ministry of Agriculture (A.V. Sirotkin, P.A. Chekmarev, A.A. Kutsenko, A.O. Minyaev) with involving of interested federal agencies and branch associations – to organize a special working group focused on dialogue with participants of the brewing industry and possible ways of the development of the agricultural industry.

Period –  August 1, 2016.

Participants of the Forum and the Field Day underlined high potential of the Russian crop production and particularly, malting barley and also grain export success. They also discussed circulation of raw materials and alcohol products. All reports were further instantiated in trial plots.

The problem of hindering of the industry development and ways of solving were also discussed within the mentioned business events. According to the results of the discussion, participants carried a Resolution that will be directed to the Ministry of Agriculture of the RR, relevant departments and commissions of the State Duma, the Federation Council and the Public Chamber.


It bears noting that according to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, the CEO of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union Alexey Rubtsov was awarded a honorary title “Honorary Worker of the Russian Agricultural Complex”.

According to the tradition the best grain producers and representatives of the production chain “malting barley – beer” got Notes of Acknowledgement of the Ministry of Agriculture and relevant departments of the Federation Council Committee and the State Duma:


Anton Alexandrovich

Director of the Trial Selection Station of the Russia Academy of Sciences, the Kursk Region ГД Болдину 


Mikhail Alexandrovich

Vice-President of Grain producers’ Union, Moscow  ГД Давыдову


Igor Yuryevich

CEO of LLC “Tambov Farms”, Tambov  ГД Полякову


Vladimir Alexandrovich

Manager for Agro-resources, Moscow Brewing Company, Moscow  ГД Таразанову


Yury Vladimirovich

Adviser of the Director of FSBI “Quality Assessment Centre”, Moscow  ГД Чистякову


Yury Yuryevich

Deputy Director of LLC “Rosservice”, Yaroslavl СФ Арешину 


Vasily Grigoryevich

Presidential Adviser of Grain producers’ Union, Moscow  СФ Рябову


Pavel Valeryevich

President of Grain Producers’ Union, Moscow СФ Скурихину 


Nikolay Nikolayevich

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “ZEROS”, Lipetsk  БлМСХ Бобину


Ivan Mitrofanovich

Sales Manager of LLC “BDA Capital”, the Voronezh Region, Pavlovsk  БлМСХ Горяинову


Konstantin Alexandrovich

Manager for production Efficiency, CJSC “Moscow Brewing Company”, Mytishchi  БлМСХ Коротаеву


Igor Alexandrovich

Chairman of Agro-Industrial Union of Kuban, Krasnodar  БлМСХ Лобачу


Nikolay Vasilyevich

CEO of JSC “Novonadezhdinskoye”, Voronezh Region, Anninsky d.  БлМСХ Паринову


Yury Borisovich

Director of the Grain Union of Agricultural producers of the Rostov Region  БлМСХ Паршукову


Alexander Fedorovich

CEO of CJSC “Zarya”, the Tula Region, Kireevsky d.  БлМСХ Попову


Anfis Glimkhanovich

Director of the plant of LLC “CNH Industrial Russia”, Tatarstan, Naberezhny Chelny  БлМСХ Садриеву


Elena Anatolyevna

Commercial Director of LLC “Soufflet Agro Rus”, the Lipetsk Region, Gryazi  БлМСХ Цукановой


Ivan Alexandrovich

CEO of LLC “Lutch”, the Kursk Region, Manturovsky d.  МСХ Голенищев


Vyacheslav Ivanovich

Chief Agronomist of LLC “APK-Chernozemye”, the Kursk Region, Zheleznogorsk  МСХ Прозоров


Igor Sergeyevich

First Deputy Executive Director for Production of LLC “Zashchitnoye”, the Kursk Region, Shchigrovsky d.  МСХ Фомин


Vyacheslav Anatolyevich

Production Director of CJSC “Agrofirm Pavlovskaya Niva”, the Voronezh Region, Pavlovsk  МСХ Шевченко

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