Batashov Boris Eduardovich

Supervisor of the Quality Department, the company ROUST/BRAVO premium, production of low alcohol drinks and wine


1990 –1995: St-Petersburg Academy of Refrigeration and Food Technologies, the technological faculty, a process engineer 

2000-2002: Study of German language and the training course IT-Praktiker in Welling, Dusseldorf, Germany 


1993-1999: JSC Brewing company “Baltika”, St-Petersburg (beer and beverage production), undertook internship, worked as a brewing room operator, cooker, the chief of the quality group in the production lab, the foreman in the brewing room, the chief process engineer in the brewing room, the brewer in the brewers’ research group. 

2000-2002: Work experience internship in the mini brewing plant, Dusseldorf, Germany 

From August 2002 till January 2005: a filial agency of “Baltika”, “Baltika – Khabarovsk”, the Chief Brewer (The Deputy Production Director), the Head of the filling room and beer production – 300 employers. 

Achievements: start up of the plant from getting of the construction permit – within 13 months, introduction of new beer brands, personnel recruitment and training, cost and loss saving to 30% after start up of the plant. Headcount optimization to 20%. 

January 2005 – January 2006: JSC Brewing Company “Baltika”, St-Petersburg (beer and beverage production), the Chief Brewer (The Deputy Production Director) – 1000 employers. 

Achievements: Maximum production output near 11 billion dL. per month, creation of technological standards unification, participation in the working group of the project “Champion” from Carlsberg for uniting of 10 plants within “Baltika”. 

January 2006 – June 2012: JSC Brewing Company “Baltika”, St-Petersburg (beer and beverage production), Quality Director – Head Office, direct supervision – 100 persons, functional management over 3000 persons. 

Achievements: Standardization of documents, regulations, creation of electronic document flow for optimization and improving of business within “supplier – technology – product – consumer”. Reduction of claims from distributors and consumers, increasing of the customer satisfaction (independent estimation), cost reduction (saving of more than 1 billion rub.). Participation in creation of the motivation program for staff (your idea works). Development and introduction of ISO 22000 in 10 plants. 

June 2012 – September 2012: JSC Brewing Company “Baltika”, a filial agency “Baltika – Chelyabinsk” (beer and beverage production”, the Director of the plant. 

Achievements: Popularization of lean production – the development of the standard for equipment maintenance and repair with photo standards. 

September 2012 – December 2012: – participation in the construction of the brewing plant in Mongolia 

August 2013 – April 2014: – the Director for Quality General Production LLC, Moscow, production of low alcohol, wine and non alcohol drinks (Yaguar, Limon Fresh etc.) 

December 2014 – February 2015: – Quality Assurance Director, ABI PRODUCT, Vladimir, meat production (Starodvorsky sausage). 

Proposals: staff optimization, improvement of business processes and regulations, creation of the centralized laboratory etc. 

April 2015 – till the present – Supervisor of the Quality Department, the company ROUST/BRAVO premium, production of low alcohol drinks and wine. 

Achievements: Passing of inspection control according to the system ISO 22000. 

Boris Eduardovich has a medal of Brewers’ Union, the certificate of merit from the St-Petersburg Legislative Assembly, diploma, recognitions.

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