Jos Brouwer

Beer sommelier, Expert Jury member of the of World Beer Cup (from 2004), European Beer Star (from 2007), Italian Birra Dell’Anno (from 2007), International Beer Cup Japan), Brussels Beer Challenge, Dutch Best Bockbeer, Mondial De la Biere, Canada

As a student in the late 1970s/early 1980s Jos became interested in Belgian beers, and subsequently became involved with the Dutch beer consumers organisation PINT. He started as a contributor to the magazine, but soon became editor-in-chief. In this position he also was elected in the national executive of PINT. Jos represented PINT at the founding meeting of EBCU, the European Beer Consumers Union, in 1990, and has been active in PINT as well as in EBCU ever since. He has been a member of the executive of PINT for 17 years, and was elected as vice chairman of EBCU in Autumn 2008, and held this position as member of the executive in EBCU until November 2013.

Jos has been involved as a judge in many international beer competitions, including World Beer Cup (since 2004), European Beer Star (since 2007), the Italian Birra dell’Anno competition (since 2007), International Beer Cup (Japan), Brussels Beer Challenge, Dutch Best Bockbeer Competition, Greg Noonan Contest (Mondial de la Bière, Montreal, Canada), Concurso Brasileiro da Cerveja (Blumenau, Brasil), as well as some other national professional competitions and homebrew competitions.

He is still involved as low profile volunteer (working at beer festivals) with various beer consumer organisations, such as PINT and CAMRA, and still contributes now and then in publications on beer.

Jos also was involved in setting up guidelines for EBCU on beercompetitions, and setting up creteria for EBCU wether or not to acknowledge and endorse beer competitions. 

In his daily professional life Jos is an Industrial Automation software engineer, specialised in machinery, process industry, including petrochemical industry and food production/dairy industry, and with this background sometimes doing some consultancy for breweries. 

And yes, “Brouwer” is dutch for brewer ☺.

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