Hubert Hanghofer

Beer sommelier, the President of the Austrian Beer Consumers Union, a representative in the European Organization of Beer Consumers

The beerwriter, Diplom Biersommelier and author of the German Homebrewing classic „Gutes Bier selbst brauen“ is judging beers at national (Austrian Beer Challenge) and international (World Beer Cup, European Beer Star) competitions since 2006. Hubert is recognized expert for German and international beerstyles and develops recipes for craftbreweries. He organized beerfestivals, was President of, delegate to and instructor for 

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I‘m chemical engineer, working in the cellulose and biorefinery industry. Alongside my day job I started my beer related carrier as homebrewer in 1991. 

In 1996 I launched my homepage – „the home of brewing“ and started giving seminars about brewing and beerstyles. 

In 1999 published the first edition of my longseller „Gutes Bier selbst brauen“. The book became the German standard on homebrewing. This year it has been released in its 8th edition and still is topseller at 

Several articles about beer and brewing have been published in German and English. 

2002 I was founding member of – Austrias Bier Consumers Union. Volunteering for BierIG, I have been member of the board, President, delegate to (Europes umbrella organization for Beer Consumers) and I organized two beerfestivals. 

Due to my expertise in brewing and judging of international beerstyles I was engaged as instructor for the Diplom Biersommelier educational programme of and I was invited to develop recipes for Craftbreweries 

I started judging at beer competitions in 2006 at the European Beer Star, the Austrian Beer Challenge and in 2012 at the World Beer Cup. I also was judging candidates at the world championship of Diplom Biersommeliers 2011.

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