Kay-Tassilo Pauli

Head of the International Malt Sales Department of IREKS GmbH

Born on 10.04.1974 in Dresden. 

From 1991 to 1994 – training to be “the Expert in commercial and economical issue». 

Advanced training in the filed of “Certified industry businessman, learning professional». 

From 1991 till present has been working in IREKS GmbH, Kulmbach. 

–> getting started in IREKS
–> crop department: from grain production to the malt plant
–> for several years experienced in malt production
–> advanced training courses in brewing, including Doemens
–> from 2008 customer support for commercial issues within the country
–> authorized malt representative of IREKS GmbH 
–> in addition to the customer support, performance of duties as a malt sales specialist at the Eastern-European market with priority directions: Russia/ CIS countries/Poland/ the Czech Republic etc. and at the Italian market.

2014 – the Head of the International Malt Sales Department for above mentioned countries and Germany.

Activity in different associations, including Malting Barley Producers’ Union A member of the German Brewers and Malt Producers’ Union (DBMB).

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