Round Table “Legislative supporting of the quality improvement of Russian wine, beer and beverages” (2017-04-28)

In April 20, 2017 the Round Table “Legislative supporting of the quality improvement of  Russian wine, beer and beverages”, organized by partner Unions – Viticulturists and Wine Makers’ Union and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union, took place in the Moscow State University of Food Production with participation of academic staff of the university, posgrads, master’s students and representatives of wine and beer-beverage industries of the RF and Eurasian Business Alliance.

The Round Table was organized within the practical congress “Legal and organizational mechanisms of the strategy implementation for food quality improvement in the RF till 2030”, held within XI of All-Russian Forum “Nation Health – a basis for Russia prosperity”.

The following questions were discussed within the Round Table: 

  1. establishment and deepening of contacts of relevant scientific institutions with public organizations of the alcohol industry;
  2. introduction of mechanisms for stimulating of producers for making of low-alcohol drinks of natural fermentation, matching quality criteria and healthy nutrition;
  3. development and introduction of the quality management system for low-alcohol drinks;
  4. updating of the current food supplements ratio, flavoring agents, bioactive substance and plant protecting agents;
  5. renewal of food ingredients for low-alcohol production in the RF.

The following persons presented their reports: L.I. Kholod – a referent of the Analytical Department of the Federation Council, Yu.V. Chistyakov – Deputy Director of the Federal Centre for Assessment of Safety and Grain Quality and Derived Products, A.N. Alekseyenko –  Assistant Director of FS “Rosselkhoznadzor”, L. Vikulova –Director of Research Department of “Roskachestvo”, A.N. Mordovin – President of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union, A.N. Ulyashin – “Agromashholding”. Among representatives of the State University of Food Production were: N.N. Martynenko – Pro-rector for Research, M.B. Moyseyak – Director of IIT and FPB, G.A. Ermolayeva – Head of the Chair, L.N. Shaburova – Associate Professor, S.V. Ermolaev – Senior Research Fellow, E.A. Lopachev – Postgraduate.

All reporters noted that despite sustained development of fruit beverages, made as a result of fermentation process as well as free alcohol, there are no preferences for producers of high quality low alcohol products of natural fermentation (wine and beer), made of Russian raw materials (grape, malting barley, hop and malt) and also there is a strong dependence on import of food ingredients.

Participants of the Round Table supported a system of full supporting of the Russian wine and brewing industry with domestic raw materials, having emphasized renewal of local hop production; activity of independent small and medium brewing business, taking into account differentiated approach to companies depending on production volumes. Also, great cooperation potential between Viticulturists and Wine Makers’ Union, Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union and the Moscow State University of Food Production has been underlined.    



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