Jan Šuráň

President of Czechia-Moravian Mini-Breweries Union

Co-owner of breweries “Pivovarský dům” and “Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha

Jan Šuráň, the President of Czechia-Moravian Mini-Breweries Union. He was engaged in the brewing art for over 40 years. He started to study brewing in Litovel, then graduated from Podskalí industrial school for food technologies in Prague and continued studying in the Higher school of chemical technologies in the filed of fermentation and biotechnologies. He had been working in the Prague Scientific and Research Brewing and Malt Institute for 13 years and as a brewer at the Krušovica brewery for one year. 22 years ago, he created a professional brewing association “Prague beer” together with his colleagues. At present, he is also a co-owner of breweries “Pivovarský dům” and “Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha”.

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