Global group of experts

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides individual solutions for the brewing industry from a single source. The services are offered worldwide, with the highest quality and the reliability of a global group of experts. The group of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA companies is one of the largest international suppliers of tanks and process technology. They design and manufacture turnkey brewery plants, process technology and stainless steel storage and process tanks for craft breweries as well as for large-scale breweries.

Taking care of brewing

The brewhouse is the heart of every brewery, in which the interaction of the individual components is of the utmost importance. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers develop technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment such as the COLIBRI mash agitator. It enables optimum mashing times, excellent extract yields and a most gentle handling of the mash for well-balanced and tasty beers.

From the malt intake…

As ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA understood the special needs and requirements of the customers they developed the T-REX universal mill. It sets new standards for lauter technology as well as the use of different raw materials. T-REX offers unique flexibility concerning lauter technology and provides a perfect grist quality. As an internal wort boiler must comprise more than only the modes “on” and “off” ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA developed the SHARK internal boiler. It ensures optimal wort quality, lowest thermal load values and minimized fouling. In addition to that SHARK enables more flexible and individual boiling programs.

… to the bright beer cellar

The world’s best beers ferment and mature in ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA brewery tanks. Due to state-of-the-art production methods, their fermentation and storage tanks feature particularly smooth surfaces. Thus ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA sets standards in the industry which even exceed the common requirements of international industrial standards. Their tanks ensure a more reliable quality maintenance of the stored product and require less cleaning.

Experience makes the difference

For more than 165 years ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has been offering tailor-made solutions for the brewing industry. Nowadays you can find their brewing equipment everywhere in the world. The technical knowledge of their engineers paired with practical experience from countless projects makes them a strong and reliable partner. Their customers may trust in them finding the best solution for their individual needs – technically and economically. It’s their tradition of longstanding global relationships that allows them to give their customers answers they can rely on. They know the challenges to their customers.

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