Russian brewers are against products from malt and classical brewing technologies (2017-06-26)

Dear colleagues,

We were greatly surprised that according to the amendments of the Federal Law 171 concerning the separate regulation of the alcohol industry, in particular the brewing sector, the Russian Brewers’ Union made proposals opposed to viewpoints of Russian brewers. So, Russian Brewers Union offered the following beer formulation

22) beer is an alcohol product, containing ethanol, run as a result of brewery fermentation, made of brewers’ and (or) special brewers’ malt, hop and (or) appeared after hop processing, water, with adding of yeast, without ethanol and flavorings. Partial substitution of brewers’ or special brewers’ malt for grain or grain products, in case, if the weight doesn’t exceed 50% of combined mass of brewing raw materials and sugar products doesn’t exceed 10% is allowed. 

It seems to be strange to make this definition for beer that is produced from malt and usage norm will be only 40%.

It bears noting that beer definition is not only one planned amendment of the Russian Brewers’ Union that is opposed to interests of the Russian brewing industry.

The full version of amendments can be provided by request to the Press Office of the Union

For reference: support letters for use of malt in beer from Russian brewing companies and legislative and executive authorities.

JSC «Ochakovo»;
JSC «Cheboksary brewing company “Buqet Chuvashii»;
LLC «Beer Master», Lipetsk;
JSC «Barnaul brewing plant»;
Belorussian state food group of companies «Belpischeprom»;
JSC «Bryanskpivo»;
JSC «Bulgarpivo»;
JSC «Visit»;
JSC «Vyatich»;
JSC «Gambrinus», Izhevsk;
LLC «Gorpischekombinat Serdobsky»;
LLC «Drugoye pivo»;
LLC «Eletskoye pivo»;
LLC «Koniks»;
LLC «Krop-pivo», the Krasnodar territory;
LLC «Laboratoriya zhivogo piva», South Ural;
LLC «Brewery Bravarius»;
JSC «Brewery «Pyaty Okean», Vladimir;
JSC «Brewing plant «Kamenka», Penza;
LLC «Minibrewery «Pragold»;
LLC «TK Russky solod»;
CJSC «Romanovsky produkt», the Yaroslavl Region;
ТC «Firma «Arasan», Kazakhstan;
LLC «Private brewery «Afanasy»;

The position of the Union was supported by:

— The Deputy Chairman of the Government Dvorkovich A.V.;
The Deputy Chairman of the Government Khloponin A.G.;
The First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly Torshin A.P;
The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and               Environmental Management Gorbunov G.A.;
The Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Agrarian Issues Pankov N.V.;
The Chairman of the Standing Commission for Agricultural Policy, Environment and Ecology Belousov S.V.;
The Head of the Research Centre for Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets «Tsifra» Drobiz V.I.;
The Minister of Agriculture of the RF Fedorov N.V.;
The Head of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation Chuyan I.P.;
The Governor of the Voronezh Region Gordeev A.V.;
The Head of the Lipetsk Administration Korolev O.P.;
The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Minnikhanov R.N.;
The Governor of the Kalinigrad Region Tsukanov N.N.;
The Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Yastrebov S.N.;
The Governor of the Kursk Region Mikhaylov A.N.;
The Governor of the Kaluga Region Artamonov A.D.;
The Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Government Chuprakov A.A.;
The Deputy Chairman of the Saratov Government Solovyev A.A.;
The Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic Pavlov S.V.;
The Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk Region Erlikh V.A.;
The Head of the Department of Agriculture of the Tambov Region Aksenov A.V.;
The Deputy Chairman of the Orel Government, the Head of the Agricultural Sector Novikov V.F.;
The Chairman of the Stavropol Committee for Food and Processing Industry and Licensing Khlopyanov A.G.;
The First Deputy Governor of the Smolensk Region Pitkevich M.Yu.;
The Deputy Governor of the Vologda Region Guslinsky N.E.;
I.a. Minister for Economi Development of the Tver Region Pavlov O.V.;
The Director of the Agricultural Department of the Bryansk Region Gribanov B.I.;
The Deputy Director of the Department for Regulation of Agro-food Market, Fishery, Food and Processing Industries Azarov V.G.
The Minister of Agriculture of the Tula Region Krasny S.P.;
The State Secretary – the Deputy head of the Federal Service for Alcohol market Regulation Spirin V.V.

Malt in Beer – What for?..


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