EU: Malt exports to third countries up in July-April – Newsletter No. 28b (2013-07-16)

IGC reports EU malt exports to third countries of 2.397 mln tons (grain equivalent) in July – April, up from 2.275 mln tons a year ago.

France’s malt production in July – March was 0.7% down on last year, to 1.215 mln tonnes, FranceAgriMer reported at the end of June.

According to official data, France in July-April 2012/13 used 1.372 mln tons of barley for malting, up 0.5% from last year. U.K. in the same period malted 1.45 mln tons, unchanged from 2011/12.

German malt production was up in July – February by 0.4% to 1.123 mln tonnes, official statistics showed. In July – March, output reached 1.265 mln tons, down from 1.272 mln tons. German malt exports, however, were 368,000 vs. 329,000 tons last year during July/April.

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