Obtaining a visa and entry into the Russian Federation of foreign specialists for the installation of equipment (2020-07-03)

Dear Colleagues,
In accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 29, 2020 No. 1170-r, foreign specialists can enter the Russian Federation and obtain Russian visas for persons participating in the adjustment of maintenance of foreign equipment specified in the list, which was sent to the Federal Security Service of Russia by the federal executive body authorities in whose jurisdiction is the organization-customer of equipment of foreign production.
We draw your attention to the fact that for the beer enterprises and food subcomplex of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, depending on the type of equipment and its buyer, the responsible executive authority can be both the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation.
For more information about the necessary requests, procedure and approvals, we ask you to contact the press service of our Union: info@barley.malt.ru, tel .: +7 (495) 9887791.
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